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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thanksgiving - Tuesdays & Thursdays- Fun for the kids

     The night before thanksgiving I always cook with the kids and let them make a special treat for our Thanksgiving dinner however Thanksgiving day is a different story. Thanksgiving day its self always seems so rushed like it is go go go till the dinner is done. While all of us women are cooking and gossiping and all the men are watching football the kids need something to do that's not running around like wild animals or saying momma, momma, mommy, mom......  This year I am going to print some fun things out for the kids to do and color and also have them do a little q-tip painting that I found on Pinterest (of course). Do you have special activities for the kids?

Here's some ideas!

*There are awesome printables available through Totally Tots and a large selection.
 *Here is a beautiful fall tree for the kidos to make and very simple! There are other ideas at Happy Home Fairy . This is the one I believe we will be doing, I'm sure this will keep the kids busy.

* HOW CUTE!!! If you have a lot of kids in your family or you just want to do this for your little ones this is a cute idea to keep them busy and they will think its cute too! You can easily go to the Dollar Tree or Dollar General and pick up the stuff to put in this. It also looks like it is just a pie pan and a paper plate. There was no link to direct this back to a website so use your imagination!

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