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Friday, November 8, 2013

Thankful - Day 8 - What are you thankful for? Fridays & Date Night

     I am so thankful for Fridays! Just the mention of it being Friday puts you in a good mood! My Fridays are very special because they are also date night, for my husband and I. It is so important to us to spend quality time with each other and get to have actual adult conversations without every other word being be polite, no, stop, wait till we finish, or just talks about the kids in general. These nights aren't always exciting nights out on the town but they are special nights. Some of my favorite times are just sitting at home watching movies or down at the water on the back of the truck talking and listening to the crickets! Always make time for just you and your someone special. I'm thankful for these nights, that allow us to just be us. - A big thanks to my mom also because her Friday Nights are Yaya Nights! :)

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