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Saturday, November 23, 2013

#bloglikecrazy- See Jane Eat- Lemon Cheesecake Pie

#bloglikecrazy with See Jane Write Magazine
This is perfect for today, we are celebrating Thanksgiving Dinner with my mother today! We are doing a non traditional Thanksgiving Dinner since I will be cooking all the same stuff again just 4 days later. We decided to have steak and baked potatoes. I decided to make a dessert! I absolutely LOVE cheesecake, I could sit and eat that everyday for every meal, that's true love. I decided I wanted to make a Lemon Cheesecake Pie, and add a special fall touch to it.

Now you can do this two ways- You can do this completely homemade or you can do the quick and easy version. That's what I did here because it was a last minute decision but it turned out to taste

Here is what you will need:
-1 box of 9in Pie Crust
-1 Can of Lemon Pie Filling
-1 8oz box of Cream Cheese (allow to soften)
-1/2 cup of milk
- Leaf Cookie Cutters
- 4 tablespoon of butter
-4 Graham Crackers

  1. Pre-heat oven, place one Pie Crust into pie plate for the bottom, and bake as directed on box.
  2. While the pie is cooking, go ahead and mix the Can of Lemon Pie Filling, Cream Cheese. As mixing add milk to help mix. Blend until all is mixed well. You can use a mixer if you want but this may make it harder. I prefer to whisk the mixture. 
  3. Once pie is baked, allow to cool completely. 
  4. While the bottom crust is cooling, Roll out the other crust and began using the leaf Cookie Cutters to get the most out of the pie. Once you use the whole crust, roll extra pie crust back out, and continue to use cookie cutters.
  5. Melt the butter and brush over the top of the pie leafs that you just cut out. Bake@ 450 for 6 mins until lightly golden brown. Repeat to finish the other leafs. 
  6. Once Pie Crust is Cool, Pour Mixture in and even out to make the Pie Filling. Crush Graham Crackers sprinkle lightly over the top of the pie. Refrigerate for two hours. 
  7. Once Leafs are finished baking Add around the pie in whatever design you would like. You can finish refrigerating if you need to, or you can do it as you pull the pie out. 
This is absolutely one of my FAVORITE recipes! It's very easy, and even though I suggest refrigerating you could easily eat it as soon as you get it all finished. Hope you all Enjoy! 

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