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Monday, June 11, 2012

No Smoking - A Month & a Week!

WHOOO HOOOO! Its been a Month & A Week since I had a cigarette.. I can't believe it myself. I really though this was going to be an absolute world ending thing. Everyone hears all the time about how horrible it was to quit smoking. The horror stories of gaining weight, irritable moods, fighting & arguing with Significant other all the time, that can be very scary and not motivate you to quit smoking, but my experience is the complete opposite.
     My husband & I decided to quit together because it just wouldn't work if one of us was smoking and the other was trying to quit. We did think that we would need something to help us quit & as previously blogged, we chose the Max Vapor Pros's.... I must say that thing is awesome... and it cures my need for a cigarette, when that craving is there, or the stress has risen. I haven't gained any weight, in fact I've wanted to get healthier and start working out more. I guess when the first step is taken to better yourself you look at the bigger picture, and all the ways you can better your life. Irritable moods... well my husband would say there was a week, where I was intolerable, however I would disagree ;) I don't feel that him or I had a bad week at all, and were in horrible moods.. Now I will admit, there were days where I really wanted to just be left alone & wasn't in the mood to do anything but I don't feel that my mood had any effect on the family or others.. He would disagree. My husband and I did have a few moments of bickering, but no real crazy fights, nothing out of the normalcy for married couples.

     It is so important to quit smoking! I should have honestly never started smoking, and I have no idea what I was thinking. I do believe that having something such as the electronic cigarette, The Max Vapor Pro, was very helpful to many and to not smoking. It gives you everything you need to give you the same effect of a cigarette with out all the additives, only the nicotine.

Please Save your Life & Quit Smoking. & if you need help to quit or want to check out the Max Vapor Pro, you can visit their site at Save A smoker.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our Crazy Month of May = Birthdays & Summer Vacays

     It's been awhile... a month to be exact.... but here I am and getting back on track! ( Ha that rhymed!) .. I really hate going that long with out blogging... It gives me a release for my mind... ya know just like working out is a release for the stress & wine is a total release for us women C: The month of May as always is so hectic... & the past month has been 110% crazier than I thought! We had the kids birthdays, end of the year baseball ceremony (I am on the Athletic Association Board), end of the year for school, Week Vacation with Family from Oklahoma, & then getting our Summer routine ready & organized. During all this I wanted to log in and blog it all & everything fun going on and get back on my regular schedule, but there was simply to much on my plate & I'm only one person and happen to be one of those people that prefer to do everything myself, no delegating! Frankly, if it doesn't get done my way, I am not happy with it.
     This past week my children and I got everything in the house organized and back in shape from being on vacation and I did deep cleaning, which there is always something that needs a deep clean. I needed a full week to get myself going again and everything running back on schedule, meal plans, daily life, laundry, cleaning, & of course now both kids because School is out.  I really hate coming back from vacation and feeling like I have been gone for a month, and I was not even that far from home, & in constant contact with everyone.. but I guess just relaxing and doing nothing in a Condo on the beach will have that effect on you...My family from Oklahoma came in town for a week and I spent time with my Brother & Sister, we don't get to see each other very often due to distance & with my brother & I -- Our problem is finding the time with our crazy schedules where we both have time to get together. I would say we kicked Summer off just right!! I have so much to blog about... I am hoping to have them all done tomorrow!! C:

     Hope Everyone had an amazing weekend... If your in the South, we had a nasty, wet, flooding weekend... Have a Great Monday & Great Week!

                                              Southern Life = Mom & Wife