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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year, New You!! - NOT Resolutions, Lifestyle Changes!

     New Years Resolutions-- yeh they never stick... you know that Diet you start will last till Valentines day when your baking the treats for the school Valentines Day Party or actually around here it would be until Mardi Gras when I start making some King Cake!!! mmMMmmm I can taste it already! I hear a lot of people saying, "I'm not going to make a Resolution because I never stick to them!"  Lets all admit the only reason we never stick to those Resolutions is because we are choosing not to! Your not setting yourself up to fail when you set resolutions unless that is what you expect yourself to do. Last year was the first year I choose to make Lifestyle Changes. I consider these to be things you already do in your normal day to day life, but need to possibly do more, or try harder at. If you already work out and are eating healthy make a lifestyle change that works with that. We always try to have a movie night and/or board game night with the kids. Last year I made it a goal of ours to make a specific designated day for us to do those, and Tuesday became Family Movie Night and Thursday Family Game Night! I plan to of course continue our Lifestyle Change into 2013 but maybe changing the days up, we'll see. I think that deciding at the beginning of the new year to set some goals up for your self is always beneficial and gives you something to strive for! Your never to old to dream, and we all have dreams and wants. In order to get everything you want in life you have to work hard! What are some lifestyle changes you would like to make?

This year of 2013 I want to continue some Lifestyle Changes that I began in 2012 and add some new ones to the list! This year I want to:
*Continue our Family Time- we are a very close family and make it a high priority to spend time together. I want to continue our Family movie and game night. I want to also plan that once a month we do something extra also Movies, Zoo, Water park, etc. Starting off we have family coming in at the end of January, then February will be here and it will be time for Disney, just to start the year off! :)
* Stay Organized- I'm already a very organized person, and even though I love surprises, I much rather have everything planned and know about it. This year I want to make sure that I stay organized, stay on a budget ( because this year we have done amazing by doing a budget and STICKING TO IT!) Our life seems to flow so much easier if everything is planned and everyone is on the same page.
*Continue to Eat Healthier & Stay on Fitness Track!- Last year I set this as an absolute MUST and made it a priority to focus on and was Successful.. I didn't want to do the whole "diet" thing I just want to eat healthier and eat the recommended amount for myself a day and work out. I did just that, continued to eat what I wanted, but looked for healthier ways to make those foods, and worked out! That is the most important! The family and I got even more active and I did separate workouts myself. Sad to say since the holidays things haven't been so Healthy... so I plan to restart focusing on this and continuing it as well!
* I want to focus on my business and build it! New ideas, new products, and build it bigger so its exactly what I have always dreamed for it to be. Now a days everyone wants to be there own boss and think, that it is so grand but it is HARD work and if you are not willing to put in the time, long hours, and nights, then you aren't prepared to be a business owner. I've always been willing to do that but with your children I found it hard to spread all my time out. Both my children are in school now and our schedules all flow well. So I want to add some time each day to focus directly on my business and making 2013 the best year for it!
* Read a Book a Month!!! -- this is for me and me only! I love to read, but last year found that I had not got through a whole book (other then bedtime stories) in the whole year of 2011, so I added this to my lifestyle changes list last year and found that it was wonderful to sit down and enjoy myself and just relax with a good book! I will never change this one!  
*(last but not least) I want to stay positive and focused in all that we do, and not get dragged down by the things and people that do not matter. Life is to short to waste any of it on things that do not matter.

     I think 2013 is going to be an amazing year and this year think of your resolutions as Lifestyle changes and set your mind that you will not fail because your really only failing, because you made the decision to fail!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013- Happy New Year & Of course, New You!


      2012 has been a wonderful year!! I must say that we, my family and I, have grown so much this year with dealing with struggles and obstacles but we have overcame them all and been positive through the process!! I believe that if you have negative thoughts you may attract negative things and to always look to the bright side of everything. We are looking forward to the future and everything we want to achieve and focus on. Its that time for New Years Resolutions. Take a look back at last years goals and see if you stuck to them? I made some pretty easy ones that would be achievable for me and what I wanted for myself last year and hope to continue those into 2013!  I want to continue to:
- Stay organized and on our routine!  More seems to get done if we know what were suppose to be or should be doing.
- Read a book a month! I love to read and found that I was not taking the time to read and enjoy it.
- Eat Healthier and be more active! Everyone always makes "diet" goals at the beginning of the year and usually never stick to it. However I want a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family! I have quit smoking over 2012 and have been a non smoker for 8 months!!! So I believe I am on the right track and plan to continue on the track for a healthier lifestyle for myself and my family.
- Have more planned family activities! Over 2012 we were doing family movie night on Tuesdays and Family Game Night on Thursdays and tried to make sure we did a bigger activity (arcade, movies, etc.) once a month. I want to continue this but will be switching our days up that we do Family movie and game night due to schedules.

     Last years goals were very achievable and something we stuck with until this holiday season when things always seems to get so busy! I am definitely going to continue to stick to my goals and carry them over into the New Year and add some new ones to the list! This year we are going to have the kids set some as well. I think it is important to teach our children young to set goals and work hard to achieve those goals and the benefits of achieving goals you set for yourself!

What did you do to ring in the New Year? and are you setting any Resolutions or Goals?

Chocolate Nut Clusters! ~CROCKPOT~

- 1 jar of Peanuts
- 1 or 2 cups (depending on preferences) Pecans
- 1 or 2 cups (depending on preferences) Almonds
and any other nuts you may want to add into the mix!!
- 7 squares of Chocolate Almond Bark
- 2 tablespoons Cinnamon
- Baking Cups

Add Everything, minus the baking cups, into the Crock pot!! Yes that easy! Turn on low, stir periodically for an hour.

Add Baking cups to muffin pans to help mold! (this is how I prefer to do it, you can do without the pans if you prefer) Once Chocolate is melted and all nuts are full covered, spoon mixture into baking cups to your filled desire. Allow to cool, and chocolate to harden. Share and Enjoy! 

Holiday Wrap-Up

     Happy Holidays Ya'll!!

We had such a wonderful Christmas! I hope you all did as well! We did several things during the holiday season to celebrate and spend special time with the kids and family! One of our favorite things to do during the holidays is to make a gingerbread something. Sometimes we make just general little houses, towns, or we have even done the train. This year we did a regular Gingerbread House with Willy Wonka Candies! It was a good one and with good candy! Our daughter fell asleep and at 5 years old, she is already like a teenager and refused to get up so my husband and son decorated, I supervised ;)

        Every year since I was a child there has been a Christmas parade in our small town. This year we went with our children and my sister in law and nephew. The kids really enjoyed it because we pulled the truck over, they were able to stand up and see and the kids didn't have to worry about anyone being in any ones way. The kids saw people they knew and kids they go to school with.  It was so much fun and really made me appreciate and be thankful to live in a smaller town.

     Some very special people Wed during this holiday season! It was such a beautiful wedding. They were married on 12-12-2012 @ 12:12 ! Perfect Day & Time!  I really want to renew my vows with Justin. We got married at 19 and 18 and we had never been on any type of vacation together or spent any time just us, as adults. We had our son at 18 and 17, so we chose to have a small wedding at the court house, and take pictures. Then we went on our honeymoon to (one of our FAVORITE places) Disney World! However now that were getting older I do want to renew our vows and have a renewal ceremony, and reception with our closest friends and family! We have grown so much in the 7 years we have been married, I think that may be something we consider in the future :) But back to topic! I want to say a special Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Kennington!!

    A family celebration that may not be celebrated as much anymore, is going to ride around and look at Christmas lights as a family! We went twice this year! There were not that many house that really decorated like there once was say 10-15 years ago. However, we did find a couple of amazing houses and even a street that had dancing lights! It was beautiful! Do you and your family ride around and look at Christmas lights? Are there a lot places that decorate in your town?

     Of course during the holidays, there is going to be baking going on! I spent a day preparing cookie dough, baking cupcakes, and making chocolate peanut candies. We usually do a cookie swap every year, but we were unable to get together this year, However, I needed to bake and I am still baking and have cookie dough in the freezer! What is your favorite holiday recipes? Please Share! We love trying new recipes  I will be adding our peanut chocolate candies and were going to make some more peanut butter balls too, so I will add them as well!!

My uncle came in to town this year for Christmas! He usually comes in during Thanksgiving and skypes us at Christmas ( thankful for technology!- it makes our long distance family loser)We went to ZooLights at the local zoo in the area. the kids have always enjoyed going to the zoo and it makes the holidays even more special to view the lights. Its also a nice way for the zoo to raise money during the winter season, and not to mention the beautiful lights! 

     Christmas Eve this year we did at my moms and had breakfast, and of course Christmas Day was spent here at the house. I hope you and your had a very Merry Christmas and all the best wishes to you and yours through the New Year!!

Happy 2013! Hope you join us for an amazing year!! Thank you for everything you have already giving us just by visiting!