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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Black Friday are you ready?


      This day is like Christmas morning to us shoppers. Since I was a little kid my grandmother and mother have been going Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving. Over the past 3 years Black Friday has now become Thanksgiving Night Shopping. Now I completely agree with the fact that people may be missing out on being with their families and celebrating Thanksgiving as they should, however most of the people that are working during these late shifts either had Thanksgiving earlier or were hired strictly for holiday hours. I've seen many post about people thinking its not fair, and its NOT- Black Friday Shopping is about waiting in line in the freezing cold with your coffee and hundreds of other people and making it a day and evening of shopping with family and girlfriends- but these people working knew they were going to be working and were probably asked if they were able to work or hired strictly for these holidays hours. *rant over* So I will be shopping on Thanksgiving Night and getting it over with! Home by eleven is my plan, ( we will see if that works)
     Also back when I was growing up you also had to wait till the Thanksgiving newspaper came out to see any of the Black Friday Sales. It was so exciting just waiting on that Huge paper and letting my Mom know what I wanted and once I had my kids getting to plan what I was getting. NOW, with technology, here it is 2 weeks before Thanksgiving and the ads have already been released and I know what I'm buying. - Yes this does help me plan and save for whatever I may be purchasing and help my budget and help me budget correctly and not go over board as we women tend to do when it comes to shopping.
     Have you checked out the Black Friday ads that are available? You can check them all out at - This site has all of the ads that are posted and will let you know when the new ones have been posted. You can also go to some of the main sites for the stores like Wal-mart and Target   and view the ads there. I'm very excited! Are you ready?

Here is the BEST ever black Friday ads! I haven't seen any new ones this year, but a few  years ago they were pretty awesome and accurate!

HAHAHA! - This is how I prepare! :) (just kidding)

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