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Monday, November 4, 2013


   It's already time to start planning your Thanksgiving? Can you believe it? Planning Thanksgiving can be very stressful, especially if you are hosting Thanksgiving, like me. (what was I thinking agreeing to this? lol) To make Thanksgiving less stressful, start planning now! I actually started last week when I found these printables and I thought of this won't be too bad. I'm glad I started planning and I am advising you to start as well! You will thank me later.
     As a Wife and Mom, most nights I cook a Dinner; main Dish, 2 or 3 side items, bread/roll/or cornbread. I'm use to cooking, so why does Thanksgiving seem so overwhelming? & it's also not the family because we only associate ourselves with the family that loves, cares, and respects us the way we do them; so none of that family drama stuff.  I think its just like a party you are planning. You want it to be perfect with decorations and good food and go as planned. I went ahead and printed these printable I found on _______(take a guess) - DUH, Pinterest and they are from Pinch a Little Save A lot   There are tons of Printables available here, for EVERYTHING you can imagine.

     Hope this helps you plan your perfect Thanksgiving! I know its helping me and I'm getting ready to start the shopping process! :)

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