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Friday, November 8, 2013

#bloglikecrazy -There's an App for that!

#bloglikecrazy with See Jane Write Magazine

     There is literally an app for everything! If you can think of it then there is an app for that! It's amazing how many apps there actually are and for all types of things. In this day and age technology is everything to us. Like right now, I'm on the Internet blogging! Without technology I wouldn't be able to do this, I would be writing it all my childhood journals. Children now a days probably wouldn't know what to do without technology. My 4 year old nephew is a app store pro. He can take anyones iPhone and download 30+ apps before you can blink your eye. He also asks me, "You got games on your phone". My response always being no because hes not allowed to play on my phone. He says, "You got app store". TOO CUTE! but the fact that my 4 year old knows about the app store proves how important technology and apps have become in all of our lives.
Everyone has their favorite apps- and then there are some apps where you really say there's an app for that? Like the Mother Nature Tracker(aka Period Tracker), Now I do use one because it's much more private then writing it on the calendar but there is an App for it and other crazy stuff out there. Here are my top 5 most used apps, besides FB, Twitter, Blogger, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

1. Pic Collage- It is one of my favorite sites for pictures and adding stickers, boarders, text, etc. It gives you all the things you need in one!
2. Evernote- this is a great notepad! It is pretty much just like any other note pad but you can add html and sites in there that you want to store and keep. You can make lots of notes for different occasions and places. If you use the basic note pad try Evernote to see if you like the different style of it. I use it daily, cause I am scatter brained
3.Nook- I love the nook app because I am able to log right into my account ( or my sister in laws, cause she has her own personal library of like 62 books) and read from any where. If I don't have my nook I absolutely have my phone or iPad.
4. My Shopping Folder: Sometime all a girl needs is a little retail therapy! I have several store apps on my iPad that I love to look through the sales paper or just do a little window shopping to feed my hunger to buy clothes! I love buying clothes, I see how people have shopping addictions. It's a good thing that I have the strength to not buy.
5. & last but not least my Music & Video Folder- Here I have all the local channels: ABC, NBC, CBS, CBS Sports, FOX- etc. This is for when I do have the time to catch up on shows I may have missed or just need to have some entertainment. 

What apps do you use most? other then your social media sites!

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