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Friday, November 15, 2013

Thanful - Day 15- What are you thankful for?

     I know I've said many times I'm thankful for my husband for the many different things he does or how hard he works and how he loves his family. However, tonight I'm thankful for him for taking care of me. This toothache has gotten worse. Worse as in, I should have had the dentist work me in today and not be so stubborn, now I have to wait till Monday. Friday nights are our date nights! With my toothache I wasn't up for doing a whole lot but wanted to get out of the house! My husband thought I'll take her shopping & it was the perfect and the right medicine! We picked up a Christmas present for our son and despite the pressure and pain if was a great time. After eating, By the time I had got home, the ibuprofen had wore off and I just didn't feel good and couldn't get the pressure to stop long enough for me to fall asleep! I don't think I would have ever went to sleep if he wouldn't have laid down, held me and went to sleep too. It was horrific pain! I know he will always be there for me- in good or bad, sickness and in health- like I ever had any doubt! :)

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