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Sunday, November 10, 2013

#bloglikecrazy What do you bELIeve in?

#bloglikecrazy with See Jane Write Magazine

I believe in God, I believe that he never give you more then you can handle, I  believe in soul mates and true love, I believe you are giving the life and tools to live it successfully but it is a decision you must make and work towards your life as you want it. I could go on and on about my beliefs and philosophies on things but we all have things that are inspiring to us and we believe in. When I think of the word believe though it means so much more then just what do I believe in. Last year I had the pleasure of meeting the sweetest baby and knowing his wonderful parents since his momma was just a child herself and his daddy since I was in middle school. She wasn't suppose to be able to have children and when everyone found out she was pregnant we were more then thrilled. We found out there were some complications with the baby that we won't go into detail (without his parents permission) but we all had to be strong and do whatever we could to get through. We began having a benefit to help raise money and several yard sales in which there were so many people who opened their hearts to this wonderful family and our motto was bELIeve because this precious angel was named Eli and all we needed and could do was believe that everything would happen the way it was suppose to and things would be okay. It was very hard for all of us to understand why Eli was taking from his parents and family so soon but we all know that it was because god needed him and he now flies high and watches over his parents. As I stated before She wasn't suppose to be able to get pregnant but now god has not only blessed her with one sweet baby angel but he has now blessed them and I firmly bELIeve that Eli also blessed them and has sent them a sweet baby girl that is due next year!
God never gives us more then we can handle and they are the strongest people I know! We may never be able to understand why god does the things he does but we must always trust him. I believe in many things but most importantly I believe that there is always a reason for something or why something happens and its not for us to question god but to try and understand.

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