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Friday, May 11, 2012

8 years old... Where has the time gone?

8 years old, Where has the time gone?

     Where has the time gone? He’s 8 years old… sheeesh, it seems like I blinked and he is 8 and if I blink again he will be grown and going off to college…. He woke up to his room with streamers blocking the door away and us telling him Happy Birthday! We gave him one of his presents from us on Wednesday because we always give him presents from us on his birthday but he had a baseball game right after school so he would have had no time to enjoy it. We got him a new Wii game that he wanted. We hardly ever buy video games except for special occasions. After School I had made baseball cupcakes for him to take to the game to celebrate with everyone.

I felt bad he had a game on his birthday because usually we all go have dinner out at a restaurant with the whole family and we couldn’t this time. He had a great day though and came home from his game, they finished up earlier, he called all the family that had called to tell him happy birthday and he finished his evening playing his new game for a little while. J I just can’t believe that he 8. I’m so proud of the little man he is, He is so smart, outgoing, and fun to just hang out with. He loves his movies and music the same way his daddy and I do but he also loves to go and be active and have fun too! I’m ready for their birthday Party & all the fun! J

Pinteresting!! -- Strawberry Lemonade Popcorn

Strawberry-Lemonade Popcorn

     My kids birthday Party is coming up on the 20Th. We Celebrated my sons birthday yesterday but his sisters is the 25Th and because we are going on Vacation that week after we are doing one party this year, two different themes, and one BIG bouncer/water slide combo blowup thing.  I decided we would have cake and cupcakes decorated with the kids themes and just some snacks so I began looking on my favorite site Pinterest for ideas on what to make. One of the things I found was Kool - Aid Popcorn I thought this was an awesome idea and gave the kids something they would like, but I wanted to make it first and test it to see if it was good. So we decided to make some and see how it was and it was yummy and something kids would love. Now I didn’t care for it a whole lot but it is definitely something the kids will love and especially great for a birthday party or any type of event involving kids, its basically like now-a-later popcorn!

You can follow the link to the actually recipe!

   The popcorn also is good to make for a little fun snack to just throw in your bag to help settle the kids down. This recipe makes a large amount!

     We made Strawberry Lemonade Popcorn and It was really good and great flavor. The only reason I do not care for it is because I cannot stand for anything to be real sticky and gooey in my mouth and that is what the candy coating is like. Its like chewing a now-a-later. I also like that I can make this in any color and for any occasion, all year long!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Birthday Stuffed Strawberries

     I've been seeing stuffed strawberries everywhere, they look so so yummy, and I must admit that strawberries have a special place in my heart!  Yesterday the Betty Crocker Website posted stuffed strawberries and right then I knew I was making them because I just got Strawberries at the store and needed to use them, and today is my son's 8th birthday. I checked out the recipe to see what they used in the middle because I knew I had some frosting in the cabinet and I also had Marshmallow Fluff. The recipe used frosting for the middle but I decided that since I had to make Baseball cupcakes I should probably save that just in case its needed, so I went with the marshmallow fluff to see how it turned out cause I like to be different! :) They are a great fun snack for the kids and also easy to make and for them to help you make. You can also try different things to fill them with and put on top. I'm going to make cheesecake ones next :)

What you need:

1 package of Fresh Strawberries
Marshmallow Fluff
Hershey Bars ( or other candy topping)
Zip Lock Bag
Apple Corer

     Wash and cut the tops of the Strawberries, also cut the bottom tip off so they will sit down flat on a plate or platter. After all strawberries are cut, use the apple corer, or knife to cut a whole in the morning, try not to go all the way through. Place Marshmallow Fluff into the corner of a zip-lock bag, cut the corner tip of the bag to make a small hole ( your going to be using the bag like a cake icing bag) The Marshmallow Fluff is very sticky be patient and careful or it will be everywhere. Place sprinkles in a bowl. Fill the strawberries with the marshmallow and roll the top in sprinkles. Place Hershey's Bar or other topping on top & enjoy!! :) Make sure you will be eating the strawberries right away, once the strawberries are cut the juices began leaking out!

Friday, May 4, 2012


     The hardest thing in the world to learn to deal with is change, but change can also be the most miraculous thing to ever happen in anyone’s life. My husband and I are all about positive change - changing things for the better because everyone can always make improvements in there lives one way or another. Whether the change in your life is fitness, eating healthier, reading, spending more time with your husband/wife/kids/etc., or doing more activities outside, these are improvements that improve you and the person you are and one step closer to who or having the quality or knowledge you want. I am so excited about the changes that are going on in our lives and the rewards that we will get from them. This year I wanted things to be different for us; I wanted things to be easy and smooth, no stress, no drama, and no problems. Just an amazing year, because Life is too short to waste it with stress, worry, and sadness and you can’t make things better by stressing and worrying, the only way things get better is if you do something about it about and make the effort to change things.

     Here we are 5 months into this year, (wow, can you believe that?)  And so much has already happened that was great and then there were roadblocks as well, but those are going to happen all the time; monthly, weekly, daily. Roadblocks, once you get through them are what show you, that you are strong enough to move forward. We have gotten through those and are looking to the future and all that is right in front of us, to be thankful for. This year we have been working on budgeting our money better, our fitness and health, and working on ourselves and things we need to be happy.  I know that many people feel they do not know where to begin to change things but dream big! Dream as if that all you have left is the ability to dream and then once you know what you want get up and start making it happen! This year so far has been so amazing because we have focused on only the positive, got through everything that has been thrown our way, and continued to work when we didn’t want to work. Tiny steps can make the biggest changes! So if tiny steps are what you need to take to start making changes in your life, don’t be scared, because in the end it will all be worth it. 


Were Quitting Smoking! Day 1

Quitting Smoking – Day 1

          So we (my husband and I, and yes at the same time) have put them down completely. No cigarettes at all. We aren’t going cold turkey however, because we wanted something that we knew worked, and that would still give us the “habit” ( & nicotine) of smoking which seemed to be what we, or at least I craved more, the inhaling and exhaling, the urge when I get upset, out enjoying a drink, etc.  But without all the toxins put in cigarettes being put in our bodies. We decided to go with the new thing of the electric cigarette. We’ve known some folks that have completely quit smoking by using this within like a 6-9 month time period, and were hoping to do the same. I can’t take the cigarette commercials that are being shown, even though they are the truth they make me sick to my stomach and there are some that I can’t even listen to, the TV has to be changed.

     We chose the electric cigarettes from; so far they seem to be doing great. Anytime I want a cigarette I just grab it and use it. There are more pros than cons to quitting smoking. I believe within a day you can feel the difference in your body and your demeanor. I am a believe that addiction is a disease, however I feel that its mind over matter also. To quit anything you have to be mentally and physically strong and disciplined to not do something because you want to and to deal with the little voice in your head saying you want it also. It is only day 1, and things could get worse but for today I feel amazing and hope that we can keep this up through the weekend!

I chose the white one because I went to a local store instead of ordering online, I didn't want my husband or myself to have the opportunity or time to change our mind.. and the color of if it, to me didn't matter, but it does come in several colors. The Starter Kit comes with everything you need to get you started and then its $9.95 for a 18ml of flavor, which is about 20-30 packs of cigarettes depending on how much you use it. Watch for other blogs cause I'm going to blog how this journey is for us.. Along with other things were doing as a couple ;)