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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

#BlogLikeCrazy from See Jane Write - Currently

#bloglikecrazy with See Jane Write Magazine
     Hey Y'all so with November being National Blog Posting Month I'm going to celebrate myself and my blog and join up with See Jane Write and #bloglikecrazy this month with all the awesome topics that they have for each day. I enjoy these, it lets me connect with all y'all and let you all know more about me! You can join in at anytime over at See Jane Write <----HERE!

     Today's topic is Currently; What are you doing currently, what do you like currently, or maybe what you dislike currently. With most of the topics for the day there may be an example to give you some ideas to help y'all that may get bloggers block from writing so many. I loved the set up of this because when I think about currently, my mind starts racing with all the things I need to do by this time and that gets me no where! So this set up really makes it easy to narrow it down. Such a great idea from The Writeous Babe Project So here you go!

Watching: At this very moment, The Walking Dead - starting this season! I don't know what we do without VOD or our DVR. We don't have much time to watch t.v. but when we do it's particular shows that we like. I LOVE any of the Real Housewives series, Sons of Anarchy, Real World/Road Rules, etc. Pretty much anything that has drama, action, and/or is reality.

Listening To: I love YouTube. I love all genres of music. My favorites right now are.... I don't even know where to began. Music is a part of my everyday life! I need it to be. So my top songs right now on YouTube are: 2 steps back - Then & Now, Kellie Pickler Someone, Somewhere Tonight, When I see this bar Kenny Chesney , and we will stop with Thomas Rhett It goes like this

Planning: I'm working on planning Thanksgiving and our Homemade Christmas Gifts. Thanksgiving this year is going to be hosted at our house, so I of course want it to be GREAT! and were going to make homemade Christmas Gifts with a special thanks to Pinterest, this year for everyone! I think it will be special for everyone to have something personalized and handmade by us.

Thinking About: How much stop I have to do. I am trying to be so focused. I have school, blogging, business, cleaning, cooking, chores, homework with the kids, mommy duties, wife duties, etc. The list of course goes on, as a women you understand. So trying to be Super wife & Supermom is what I have been thinking about and making sure everything gets done. It's been working great and things have been getting done with time to spare in the evening.

Looking Forward To: The Holidays, It is my favorite time of year. I love everything about it. The decorations, family time, extra special activities, shopping wrapping gifts, etc.

Reading: I had started Nicolas Sparks The Best of Me. I was reading every night but haven't been lately. I need to get back into the habit of doing that. I love a good book.

Making Me Happy: Seeing my handwork and consistency with my son pay off. My son has had a little bit of a hard time transitioning from elementary school to middle school. This past month has been full of not bringing homework home, not writing it down in his planner, lying about what he had for homework or how much homework he had, etc. My husband and I have spent a lot of time talking with him and showing with him what needs to be done and how to achieve the goals that are set for him. He has showed a real improvement this week, so far! I hope he keeps it up.


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