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Friday, November 15, 2013

#bloglikecrazy - Body Beautiful

#bloglikecrazy with See Jane Write Magazine
   I've missed the past couple of #bloglikecrazy post days with this stupid tooth! - I'm trying to stay caught up though! Today's #bloglikecrazy topic is Body Beautiful- write a post celebrating a part of your body! Hmmm, a part of my body I like- is there such a thing? Just kidding! I'm one of those "if you don't like it, change it or don't complain about it" even though I have a list of things I could complain about as I'm sure we all do! So let's see is my hair considered a "body part"? It is part of my body, and my favorite physical feature of my self. Let's just go with that doesn't count as a body part. I'm going to go with my legs! I do love my legs! I love wearing shorts, skirts, dresses, and/or heels to show them off, especially during the warmer months when their nice and tan!

     I really love this quote here. It's so inspirational and it's very true. As a women we have so much on  our shoulders constantly that we don't always feel beautiful and when life has us down and out we sure don't feel beautiful. So look past all of our insecurities, and past everything that is wrong and remember that your beautiful! Every moment of Everyday! Carry the confidence of beauty and you are sure to go all the way to the top!

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