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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Raised Southern Valentines Round-Up

I just wanted to do a quick little post of 3 of my favorite Valentines Day Posts, two are my favorite treats and one is a healthy Valentines Day treat for your children to take to school, church, or make for all your family and friends. There will be more Valentines fun coming up next week, but for now try these Butterfly Valentines Snack, Valentines Day Truffles, and Brownie Cheesecake Bites.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

{Amish Proverbs} Marriage maybe Made in Heaven....


With the long weekend, I am a day late with this weeks Amish Proverb. I always enjoy long weekends especially with the family. It's nice to have that extra day to relax, clean up, or go on an extra outing. We didn't do much with our extra day just getting ready for the week and relaxing. My daughter didn't even want to go to dance today. I figured this would be probably her one and only opportunity to miss because from now till May it is recital time, so I let her enjoy her day.

This weeks proverb talks about marriage. Anyone who is married knows that marriage takes work, time, comprise, compassion, and work.... Yes, I already said that but that is the key to marriage.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

{Amish Proverbs} My Job is to Take Care of the Possible.

     Last year sometime I wrote about my interest in the Amish. I don't know what it is but their living is very interesting to me, It always has been. I've been to  "Amish Country" several times in my childhood. My Aunt is from Ohio we would travel to Ohio to see her family and travel through Amish Country. We would stop at their little store, I only remember their clothes and the cheese. I've also become very interested in their proverbs. With anything there are different interpretations of things but  just like with any of the proverbs from our bibles or quotes we love they stop us and make us think about things a little differently and that's what many of their proverbs do to me. Each week I want to share a proverb and what it is meaning to me that week. Just something fun that I want to do for a little while. Put a little positive thinking out into the world before the week begins.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

{Southern Snapshots} January 10, 2014

These Pictures were all taking by and for Raised Southern.
Photos were taking in:
Orange Beach, AL
Mobile Bay, Mobile AL
Perdido Bay Bridge, Going to Lillian, AL
Naval Aviation Museum, Pensacola, FL

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Craft Time/DIY - Disney Stache

If you haven't heard, {because I'm literally so excited I think I've told the world} I got a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas! I was so excited because I couldn't wait to get crafty with it. I got the starter set of Vinyl with it and I figured that all of that would be tester vinyl, cause who gets everything right the first time? I was very surprised at how easy using the Silhouette was. I was very pleased I wouldn't have to go to Silhouette Class 101 to learn it. The hardest part of the who process so far {I've only used regular vinyl, I can't wait to use heat transfer for shirts} was deciding which project I was going to do first, and making sure I liked my design. I could literally design graphics all day. If you're considering getting a Silhouette, I like the many who suggested it to me, I highly recommend it too.

My first project as you can see above is our Disney Stache. For all you Disney lovers, yes, that is Mickey Ears with a mustache. I saw this on Pinterest of course and had to make it myself, because we are Disney addicts. If you've never been to Disney, you probably won't understand the love we have for our second home. This is a fun, cute, and helpful way for everyone to save money, and WANT to save their money. Let's Fill it Up!!!

I will be taking orders for all the projects that are shown on Raised Southern Boutique once it is fully functional and published. If you would like one before then though feel free to email me with your order for a Disney Stache and the color you would like your Mickey Ears, Mustache, & Lettering - $15  or request just the vinyl for $5 {prices do not include shipping} and I will send you a invoice. Once payment has been received you will receive your confirmation with shipping date of 3-5 Business days from completed Payment. Shipping is standard, 5-7 Business Days. Other Shipping options are available upon request.

Monthly Memories- December 2014

     This is our first Monthly Memories of 2015, even though it is of December 2014 - I'm still excited for it to be the first of the new year! As I do each month I'm sharing Monthly Memories, which is pictures of things that have happened here in our life and I love being able to share them all in one place, and for our family members out of town that don't get to be in our life constantly. It's a great way for them to keep up with us and watch the kids grow!

Our Christmas Tree 2014

Precious Sleeping Baby

She fell asleep like this after the parade!

15 in 2015

WOW, 2015, REALLY? I can’t believe how quickly time flies, it truly flies faster then you think. When I was a kid it took forever for things to happen. The weekend to get here, Christmas Birthdays, always felt so far away. Now it’s Halloween at Back to School and Christmas at Thanksgiving. With time flying faster and faster there are things I want to do, achievements I want to achieve within our personal lives, business wise, and homeschooling. There is always SO MUCH I want to do and I am one of those people I want to do it NOW.. not later, but now. So when I saw this from a fellow Alabama Women Blogger Logan at Logan Can… I had to share on ALWB and I wanted to join in and do my own 15 in 15. I’m going to do one that is Business and Personal!

- Stay Consistent with Blogging Calendar – I always write my blogging calendar out each month and well let’s just say some months are better than others!
-Keep Scheduled Posts on Social Media
- Add Sponsorship & Ads to Raised Southern

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year, No Syrup, & Cinnamon Roll Pancakes

      Happy New Year Y'all, 2015 is here and honestly I can't believe it is 2015, my husband and i have been together for 13 years, my children are 10 & 7, and the years seem to just fly by quicker and quicker each year. Every year you hear a lot of, "New Year, New Me", well I must say I am very happy with who I am and where were at. Sure there are things that can and will be worked on, but as far as the way we live our life and the person I am, I am happy! This year I am not going to set Resolutions because there are only things I want to continue doing and things I want to focus more on. I will be writing about all that next week.... looking forward writing that too. Anywhoo...
     We didn't do much for New Years. We bought a few fireworks let everyone pick out their own "special" dinners, and hung out as a family. It was perfect. We went down to the beach and shot a few fireworks off. My husband and kids love doing this and you're never too old for sparklers.