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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

#bloglikecrazy Shoutout to Tweeps

#bloglikecrazy with See Jane Write Magazine
#bloglikecrazy is Shout out to Tweeps- All my Twitter peeps! :)Facebook. The more I use it though the more I like it. It' getting that way with Google+ too! I use Twitter mostly for my business and blog  I have met so many wonderful women and started working with a awesome group of women who we stay connected through twitter but also through fb. So here's a shout out to some of my Tweeps!

Go follow them on Twitter & if you haven't already follow us on Twitter @raisedsouthern1 or on Facebook at

I just started using Twitter this year and its taken a little bit of get use to because I am use to
- @ALWomenBloggers
- @MomItForward
- @BloggyMoms

- @carolmarksblog
- @FoodieArmyWife
- @magnoliamom98
- @Moscatomom
- @plainchicken
- @catmccordbailey
- @ScatteredCShels

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