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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

{Southern Snapshots} April 2015

There is nothing more beautiful then the water!! I could spend every day all day right on the beach. I would actually trade everything for a little shack on the beach with wifi (of course) All of these pictures are my own of Perdido Bay from Lillian, AL. With Spring here and it warm enough to swim we spent every chance we got down on the beach! 

{Monthly Memories} April 2015

     Hey Y'all - Hope you are still having a great year and started off May great too! We always do our Monthly Memories a month behind because we have to make the memories, of course. This series and Southern Snapshots are two of my favorites because I can always come here and look at great memories! All photos were taking by myself. These Photos were taking in:

- Lillian, AL
-Disney on Ice @ The Pensacola Bay Center
-Jimmy Buffett @ The Wharf, Orange Beach, AL

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Yes, you should go to Disney on Ice and take the kids! {Tips included}

     If Disney is any part of it, I will take it. I will go to it, eat it, watch it, and have to have it. I absolutely love everything and anything that is Disney and well let me say that if you have ever been to Disney then you understand my love of the magic. My kids are just as bad as me, we're a perfect match. :) Our homeschool group had a wonderful field trip to Disney on Ice on at the Pensacola Bay Center. I immediately knew this was one field trip we wouldn't be missing and a nice treat to the end of the school year.

Bucket List Check- Jimmy Buffet Concert

If you haven't ever listened or heard of Jimmy Buffet I don't know what world you live in. 

I don't have a "Bucket List" per say, but I do have things I want to do in my life, places I want to see, concerts I want to go to, and food I want to try and cook. I just haven't sat down and made a "bucket list", maybe I should- I think it would be fun, and especially if my husband joins in with me & even the kids! {lightbulb} <---See how my mind works. Anywho, One person besides many of the other greats, Jimmy Buffett was on my list! I remember the first time I heard Cheeseburger in Paradise- I thought, is this really a song about a Cheeseburger? I remember dancing around and having Volcano stuck in my head and as I grew older, more and more of his songs became apart of my head, heart, and playlist! {Thank God, Mama, & Daddy for raising me on good music}

{Crafty on Tuesday} DIY- Vinly Wine Glasses {Raised Southern Boutique}

    Idk if you heard but Tuesdays are going to be our Crafty/DIY day and with our Boutique coming very soon {because we have been working so hard to get things together, & I'm picky} I wanted to feature these Wine Glasses that will be in our boutique and available for purchase starting today, right here. As you may have heard {if your a reader of Raised Southern} I got a Silhouette for Christmas. I have been wanting one forever and now that I have one, everything is getting personalized. I'm going to be sharing with you here how to make your own, but if you do not have a silhouette I will be glad to personalize your very own wine glass. We can work together on your very own one of a kind customized design.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Crafty on Tuesday - Ring Dish

     I absolutely love to get crafty any day of the week, but on Tuesday's I'm going to start sharing all of our crafty-ness. Hope you all enjoy and if you have any suggestions please send them over and share your crafty-ness with us, we want to connect with all of you! Our first in this series is going to be our ring dishs! These ring holders are so easy and perfect to set in your kitchen, bathroom sink, or by your jewelry box.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Cinco De Mayo Round-Up - Have Fun at your Fiesta

How do you like to celebrate Cinco De Mayo? Whether it is throwing a full blown out fun fiesta with your family and friends or just having a quiet Taco Tuesday with your family grab some fun ideas to help you celebrate right here. You will find everything from a fun craft of maracas to the best margarita you've ever had. Let us know what's your favorite! 

Don't know what to do with all those plastic Easter eggs that are now in a plastic bag thrown in the spare closet for next year? Use them for this fun craft. For Kids of all ages, even my son age 11 enjoyed playing with his sisters so we are going to make some MineCraft ones for his Cinco De Mayo Celebration. Make your own Maracas and design them in your favorite design. 

Family Travel with Colleen Kelly Season 2 Starts this weekend!!

     I'm so excited to announce that Season 2 of Family Travel with Colleen Kelly will be starting on tomorrow, May 2 beginning with the Pensacola Show! Last April my children and I were given a great opportunity to Film with Colleen Kelly & her crew for Family Travel in my hometown of Pensacola, FL. We visited Historic Pensacola Village. You can read all about our experience with them on their blog here!