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Monday, November 18, 2013

#bloglikecrazy - Controversy

#bloglikecrazy with See Jane Write Magazine
      The good thing about doing these pre-picked topic monthly blogathons is that I don't choose the topics and so some of them make me think and some of them puzzle me. I'm not really a controversial kind of person, I am just me and think my way and don't deal with drama or fakeness. I may be controversial to some but as far as controversial topics go I tend to not follow the negative that is in the news or in society. It makes people bitter and life is too short to focus on that or have it take up any unneeded space in my life. Like the whole health care thing. My children have health care that we pay for my husband and I have dental and Vision and we make it. We don't get sick often *knocking on wood* so we don't have health coverage on us because it is just to high, I know about Obama care and what is trying to  be forced and that right there is enough controversy to keep this blog going for days and days. However, I try not to focus on that, we will do what we have to, when we have to, whenever the gov. makes up their own minds.
     So onto a Controversial topic...  *My mind is mush and not coming up with much.* I can see both sides to a lot of topics and still have my own opinions on the topic. - I'm not sure why this is so hard. This may need to be one I will have to skip over.

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