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Friday, June 20, 2014

{ Craft Contributor} Quick Craft Kit

This is our June Craft Contribution to This site is your go to site for crafts, recipes, family fun and much more! This Month we contributed a Quick Craft Kit. Summer here in the South calls for a daily percentage of rain due to all the humidity and that means that the kids will be all cooped up in the house. Have a go to Craft Kit for them to get creative on those rainy days! Head over to and find out what all is in our Quick Craft Kit and get some ideas of crafts you can do quickly that are cute and useful!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

{Thirty-One Styling} Let us help you by adding simplicity into your workout!

Hey Y'all, so if you didn't know already I am a Thirty-One Consultant! I absolutely love my job and it gives me so much fulfillment to work with such an amazing group of women and for such an amazing company! If you want more information on Thirty-One as a company, email me at I wanted to bring my Thirty-One Business & My Raised Southern Brand together and I thought this would be the perfect way to showcase our amazing products and products I love and think would make all women's lives easier. 
  Starting today I am going to be doing a series called Thirty-One Styling where I am going to be talking to y'all about our products that can help you at different times in your life, how they work, & why you are going to love them!! {More information on purchasing any of the products shown here will be added to the bottom of the page! I want to first kick this off by talking about Products that can help you when your headed to your workout! No need to be carrying that fashion designer purse. Let us make your life easier! 

Let's talk about the Vary You Backpack Purse! This Purse is everything you need for every occasion. This purse is versatile. It can go from being your purse during the day at work, to your book bag for a quick run or a visit to the gym. I can't get enough of the purse that can be worn 4 ways. It's also great for all those grads that are heading to College come fall! This Purse can be a Two Shoulder Backpack, One Shoulder Backpack, Crossbody Purse, or a One Shoulder Purse. Also has 5 pockets. { Front patch pocket; interior zipper pocket, and two flat pockets. There is also a extra zipper compartment with the flap closure. 

{Our Family} Big Brother to the Rescue

We were enjoying a beautiful Fathers day on the beach and playing in the water to cool off, when my daughter started crying, you could see in her face it hurt, "it" was her foot and she stepped on something. The last time I saw that look was exactly a year and a week ago, when my son decided to show off in front of his buddies, one of those "hey y'all, watch this moments", and jumped off of our pier.

My children have NEVER jumped off of this pier, is it way too shallow and they know it, but again it was his "Hey Y'all, Watch This Moment", and we all know those don't end well, and this is his result.
*My son & My nephew standing on the pier >>>>
9 stitches later he's stuck on the couch for the first 4 weeks of Summer.{Beware of Pic Below, It's Gross}

{Techy} PicMonkey - Best Graphic Builder and Photo Editing Site & it'sFREE

     Ever wonder how all of us bloggers and graphic artist make our graphics, without having the top shelf software? I did too,  but I guess I am going to let this little secret out of the bag! I'm only sharing this secret because when I figured out exactly what this site was and that it wasn't a site all about pictures of monkeys I was hooked, and when I mean hooked, I mean I am currently customizing and changing everything about my site, and building another site & it's free! When I found this site I also thought, why have I not heard about this site, so I had to share with all y'all!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2 Step BBQ Pulled Pork

This BBQ Pulled Pork really is only TWO steps to cooked, and you can either eat it as a pork roast or it will fall apart in your hand for a pulled pork sandwiches topped with your favorite BBQ Sauce!

{Parenting} Money Doesn't Grow on Trees - Kids Bank Account

     Do you dread taking the kids to the store with you? Is it always, " Mom, I want this?, Mom Can I have this?, Mom we need more of these?, Mom is this the kind you got last time?, Can we get those next time? I want this for my next birthday {birthday is still 355 days away}; It's like 50 questions every time I take my little ones to the store. Most of the time it is because they want or "need" something. Well that has changed within the past month with the Kids Bank Account.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

{Thirty-One} June Mystery Hostess- DON'T MISS THIS

{Happy Fathers Day} Thankful for my Husband

     Today is Fathers Day, Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there! I'm so blessed to have an amazing man that is my children's father!  My father has passed away, and my husbands father is not apart of our lives, and my grandfather lives 6 hours away, a phone call and card is apart of his celebration. So every year we celebrate this wonderful man here! My husband- Mr. Scott!

Everyday this man gets up and goes to work to take care of his family in every way shape and form. There is nothing that he wouldn't do for us. Now, I know that is something most women say about their husband, but he really does everything for us, our family, and the lives we want to live and build together. We've been married for 9 years in July, and together for 12 years. I've watched him grow from a teenage boy , into a man, & onto a husband and father.

    Mr. Scott not only takes care of us he also makes sure to take care of us emotionally too. He always makes times for us, He loves spending time with us and playing with our children. He always makes sure that we do something together even if it is just for a afternoon walk, a quick board game, or a spontaneous family movie night. He knows how to enjoy the little things in life with our children and spends extra time guiding them and helping shape the little man and little women our children will grow to be. He takes pride in everything he does, especially when it comes to raising our children.

Monday, June 9, 2014

{Summer Time Favorite} Campfire Cones

I found this yummy goodness at the one and only, yup you guessed it,
interest! This is absolutely one of the best sites every made. It has some of the greatest recipes, DIY ideas, well really it has everything! I saw these delicious Campfire Cones and new it was something that we had to try. I bought all the stuff to make these for my sons camping birthday, and we never got around to making the kids had such a great time swimming and playing with glow sticks that time kinda got away from us.
The kids are out of school now, so it was the perfect time to try these! 

What you Need:

Saturday, June 7, 2014

{Southern Cookin'} BBQ Potatoes & Onions

Have you ever had just good o'l Potatoes and onions cooked in the skillet? Just the smell of them will make your stomach growl! Being Southern we like fried food, and we like BBQ & there is just something about mixing those two together that will surely appease your appetite.  

Here is what you will need: {2 Servings}
-2 Potatoes
-1/2 a White Onion
-2 tbsp of your Favorite BBQ Sauce {
-Creole Seasoning
-Cooking Oil {enough to coat the bottom of the pan}

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Thirty One - Summer is HERE! June Specials

Hey Y'all It's June & that means that Summer is here! I feel like I got so busy with some other things that were going on that I let something I absolutely love and love being apart of, fall to the wayside. Well now its time to get refocused and reconnected! 

I personally LOVE thirty-one products and that is what started me working for this wonderful company, because I want everything we offer and I'll take it in every pattern, and you can't forget the monogram! When I decided to refocus and concentrate on building a great community for all of  us, I went on the hunt for our June Special, and I was absolutely surprised and thought again, I need one in every pattern.  Sometimes, I just can't resist a wonderful special and this is one of them! 

Monday, June 2, 2014

May's Monthly Memories


Monthly Memories is going to be a new series here at Raised Southern. This will be a once a month thing done at the beginning of each month and I want to share special memories from the previous month. I think this will be so special to look back each month at all of our memories and things we did that month, that may not be something that was blogged about. I wanted to start this series last month but with the flood at the end of April and being with out internet for a while, it was hard to start.


Here are some of our special memories from May! 

It was such a beautiful day and right after the flood there was a nice little point where the sand had built up! We spent a fun day on the beach!

We got a new refrigerator & I love it! This may not be exciting to you but its AWESOME to me :)

My son turned 10! It was his Golden Birthday -
 10 on the 10th


Get to Know a Little More About Me, Your Editor at ALWB

Hey Y'all, I recently was offered the opportunity to be the Editor at Alabama Women Bloggers. I was so honored that I was offered this opportunity. I absolutely love my great state of AL {Even though I bleed Orange & Blue, and yell Go Gators during football season}and I am LA girl! {LA = Lower Alabama} I'm very excited about being able to help grow, gather, and connect all the wonderful women bloggers we have in this great state. 

Over the past couple of months we have been building our team, and I am so proud to say that we have built an awesome group of Ladies! Each of us have a bio on our Meet the Gal's page which introduce myself and our Co-Editor Brooke and our Meet the Team page which introduces you to all the amazing women we have that are apart of team and the series that they work with. Here you will also find all of our personal blogs and our social media links.

This post here is to let you know just a little more about me. Each of us on the ALWB team have answered these questions for you to get to know more about each of us:

Sunday, June 1, 2014

What have you missed?

Hey Y'all, long time no write. It's been so busy in my world, I don't even know where to start.

     When the month of May rolls around my world is completely chaos. My Son's birthday is at the beginning of the month, my daughters is fifteen days later, not to mention all the friends and families with their children birthdays in May, School Parties, Awards, and then finally Summer Vacation! Whew, just thinking about all of that this past month sends my mind for a whirl.

     I also accepted to be the Editor for Alabama Women Bloggers! I am so very excited to have this opportunity to work some amazing women! I absolutely love this community and how much I have grown and the friendships that have built. Working on the site and building a wonderful team to help me run the site has taking up a lot of my time. I absolutely will be back here though!

     Starting tomorrow your going to see a few new things from us, Thank Y'all so much for sticking around and continuing to be so great to Raised Southern! I can't wait to kick off a new month with some new and exciting things!