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Thursday, September 20, 2012

I'm a bad mom! Don't Judge!

     Every Mother whether we admit it or not has had many- what others would consider, "bad mom" moments.Ya know the moments, where you bribe your child to please be good while mommy is in here talking with this person and I'll let you pick a special treat, or letting your child keep the pacifier longer then the "experts" say. The bad part about it though is that none of us openly talk about it because we are all going to judge each other, and once again were human and it happens! However, it should not happen because were adults and we all, as mothers know that nothing about motherhood is perfect, easy, and if you have multiple children you understand every child is different in his/her own way and do their own thing! No matter how much we strive to be super mom and perfect, there are still those moments and sometimes entire days, where we loose it and need a break from our trying to be "perfect" role of mother/wife/working-mom & wife and there is NOTHING wrong with that!

     Yesterday, My friend Lynsey from Moscato Mom posted on her blog about being a bad mom and I immediately thought what is she talking about, because she is far far from a "bad mom", so I of course had to read. The post was about a picture that was posted from another site that had caused a lot talk, and from reading the original post a lot of controversy..The post originally is from Granola Babies and the picture states in writing "We do things differently and love our babies exactly the same, Lets Celebrate that!" However, there are always going to be those people that are judgemental and feel the need to exercise their right of freedom of speech, even if it is a ignorant opinion, but lets all face the facts, NO ONE does Motherhood the same as anyone else and where is the "manual" that we are all suppose to be following?

     Many women have been talking about the TRUTH about motherhood a lot lately, in books, television, and now taking over the web!  Many bloggers have started writing about the things that we do that, what others may consider "not the right way" and letting it be known that all mothers  do things differently and that's okay.. we should all be supportive of each other and the decisions that we are making to raise our children, because it all comes down to this, if we are making a decision for our children, that alone shows we care and love them, and all any child needs to be happy is to be loved and cared for and cared about, because there are many many children that don't have anything.. Its so sad that in a world where most of us internally feel that everyone should always be themselves, be real and true to your dreams and feelings, the truth is that you can't unless you want a constant battle and to justify your decisions and actions. There has now been a meme started by Life with Levi about being 100% honest on how you are a mother and raise your kids, and to know that it is okay because your child is happy, loved, safe, growing, and succeeding the way any child should , and its all because of you! :) So here goes!

I am a bad mom because:

- I was a teen mom at 17, but I graduated 5 days before I gave birth to our son, I am still with my children's father and have been for 10 years and married for 7 years, I have never been on welfare or government assistance, we own our own home , and work everyday for our future!

-We were not married when our son was born.

-I formula fed both my children from birth.

- Both my children slept on their stomachs and NEVER have slept in the bed with me, even when sick we sleep in the living room.

-I put infant cereal in my childrens bottle and fed them foods before I was "suppose" to

- My son had all his immunizations on time, every time.When I had my daughter
I was terrified of all the immunization side effects (circling the media at the time) and my daughter only had up to her 2 month shots and I decided to wait till she had to start school to get the required for her to start.

-Both my kids took cups or bottles to bed until they were 3.

- My daughter took a pacifier until she was 2 1/2

-My son is circumcised.

- I let my babies watch cartoons before the age of 2, and honestly :) its been used to keep them busy while I got some things done.

-Both of my children fell of of something, (bouncy seat,couch, bed,etc) when they started becoming mobile and was obviously more mobile then I thought.

-I have bribed my kids, with a special treat (special treat, candy, ice cream etc.)  to be good in the store (or anywhere, really!) or while I am on the phone/talking in person with someone so I could just get it done with out it being a long drawn out process.

-Both my children sleep with their televisions on during the weekend.

- I have yelled at my children.

- I do expect my children to be independent.

- I am very strict when it comes to doing good in school, staying focused on school, chores, etc.

-I expect my kids to use their manners and be respectful because they were taught to use them and I know they know them and how to use them.

- I let my children ride their bike most of the time without their helmet.

-Sometimes ya have to go dig through the laundry basket of clean clothes, cause I haven't got around to folding them.

-My kids have had chores since they were 4.

- I do sometimes wonder what it would have been like if I would have not got pregnant as a teenager.

- When shopping for stuff for the kids at school, I wonder if its right because I don't want them to get picked on.

- I absolutely love being a mom, but sometimes i hate having to "do" it. (cook, bathes, clean,etc)

- There have  been those stressful times where, I wish I only had me to take care of, instead of 3 other people, a house, bills, job, etc.cause most of the time, "me time" gets pushed to the bottom of the list.

    I am sure that many of us can go on and on with a list of things that we do while raising our kids that others would think were not right and made us "bad moms" but at the end of the day. Those people do not matter and the only people that do are the little people that we chose to bring into this world and help succeed in every way possible. I admit that when I was 17 and having my son I had no idea what I was getting myself into but now my 8 year old son and 5 year old daughter are the greatest thing that I have ever done and I am so proud that even though I make and made all those decisions above both my children are very happy, responsible, caring, intelligent, and well behaved and have anything and everything they need and want + much much more.. I wouldn't change any of the decisions I have made and will continue to make decisions based on what is best for my children as individuals, not what society thinks is right for every child! As long as your children are safe, happy, loved, and cared for you are doing your best! Don't let anyone tell you any different!!

     A really good book for all of us mothers is " I was a Really Good Mom before I had Kids" by Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile. It is all the truths about motherhood and what it really is like behind that perfect little picture we all have built in our heads. I guarantee there is something in this book for every mother and it also helps us quit judging each other and really start enjoying motherhood. The book has taking things from mothers all the world that they have problems with in motherhood or feel guilty about.. but hey its just Motherhood.. nothing to feel guilty about! One mother wrote into the book and said:

How true is this for many many of us mothers?

How do you feel about being a bad mom? link up with Life with Levi and share your a "bad mom" habits! Promise we wont Judge you cause were mothers too and know how raising children can be!

Everyone have a great day! The weekend's almost here!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back To School - To Much or Just the cost of Kids?


    Many of us down here in the South have been in school for about a month now and I must say that from the way the school year is going so far it is going to be a busy and hectic year... In this month, (which please keep in mind the second week of school we were out for 3 days due to Hurricane Issac) we have already completed one fundraiser which is done every year at the beginning and sent home on the FIRST day of school, we are currently doing book fair this week and that completes on Friday, and I just sent in a field trip form for my son to go on a field trip 9/24. Does anyone else think this is too much for the first month of school? I have two kids in school and that gets expensive.. two of everything! I couldn't imagine having more children in school. I understand that there could be ways of getting around buying two things from every fundraiser but I only think its fair for our children to both be able to participate in their school fundraisers and help raise money for their school, so i guess I shouldn't complain but so much at one time and the fact that it will continue probably all throughout the year is a bit much, I think!  So far Since School has started NOT to mention any of the school clothes, or supplies we have spent:
- Fundraiser: Pizza Kits, 2 kids = $18.00
- Book Fair: 2 kids, $15.00 a piece = $30.00
- Headphones for Computer: Both Kids $6.00 a piece: $12.00
- School Shirts (because the whole school wears them Fridays), yeah & 2 kids, $12.00 = 24.00
- Field Trip, 1 kid = $6.00
To Much? or Just the Cost of Kids?
     I completely agree that the schools should do fundraisers to raise money for the anything that is needed. However I feel that $90.00 in the first month of school is crazy. Now yes, maybe the Book fair at 15.00 a piece per kid could have been cut back but honestly I rather the kids spend that money on books and pencils to draw and write with than toys and stuff they really just don't need. So after looking at my bank account and it being absolutely "out of sorts" and finding that I have spent 90.00 at the school already, in the first month of school, I need to figure out why!
    With the price of everything going up in the entire world and cut backs happening to our education it is being expected that parents supply more and buy more to help the schools be able to teach our children... HOWEVER... I feel that the school should take this into consideration for the parents as well. So in our family, we are going to be looking into some ways to save us money but also help out our school!
  1.  The first thing we have considered is putting a $10.00 limit on what we add to the book fair. If the kids want more then that then they are going to have use some of their allowance for that. With my son being at a more responsible age we are starting a allowance with him. Were looking and trying out different options for us with the allowance but any extra money other then $10.00 will need to come from them.  
  2.  Fundraisers: As previously in my post I feel its necessary for each child to be able to participate in the fundraisers and raise some money for their school. What we do is ask one family member to purchase one thing from one child and then a different family member to purchase at least one thing from the other child. That way each child is at least participating in the fundraiser and were not spending even more money and were not constantly begging our family and friends to buy buy buy from our child when they have children of their own.  
  3. Lunch: This isn't a problem for our family... because my children are very picky and take their lunches and snacks everyday. However, if your child eats at school and does not receive free lunch that can get expensive. Our school lunches are $1.50 per lunch. If your child eats every day all week that right there is $7.50 a week. That is not bad for one child however add multiple children to that and it will add up. Having your child take his/her lunch will save you money automatically especially if after you go grocery shopping you go ahead and separate the snacks that go with lunch down you will know what you have for the school week and what you have left over for the week. Plus the money you save will add up and if you eat out at work , start taking your lunch and see how much you save. If you have access to a microwave, start taking leftovers! They are the best for next day lunches!

    These are some that we came up with right off the top of our head, just based on the money we've spent and saved already... Do you have any Money Saving Tips for when it comes to being a parent and doing it all?

Homemade Cinnamon Rolls - Out of the box!

      Pillsbury is absolutely the best, but lets be honest, who didn't already know that? So grocery shopping in the store I see this product down the baking isle that I haven't seen before and probably because my husband does most of the grocery shopping,yes i said; my husband does most of the grocery shopping, but he does an amazing job and that is one less thing I have to worry about. So I decided we would try it and I wouldn't have to buy the can of cinnamon rolls and it would still be "homemade" but everything is right there for me! I decided to make the Cinnamon Rolls on Sunday Morning for our Sunday Breakfast. I always try to cook a nice breakfast on Sundays for the family, that always starts the day off great! I was a little nervous about making them because if they weren't good or I didn't do something right.. we didn't have a back up breakfast... BUT they absolutely turned out PERFECT, and were so ooey gooey delicious. 

     Making this was very easy! Just make sure you allow yourself enough time because the yeast does need to rise! This is also something that would be a great cooking activity for you to do as a family! The kids would really enjoy spreading the cinnamon butter and helping to roll the rolls. Also an idea for anyone who makes these at the holidays.. you could add sprinkles to the cinnamon butter spread or you can add sprinkles to the top of the rolls once finished. My children would want sprinkles on the inside and outside, which can make for a very festive breakfast for any occasion really. Also great to make and take to work or school for the teachers or your child's class, for a different type of snack for their birthday. Make sure to speak with the teacher first though! 

     Pillsbury of course has some of the best products around and not only that but they have an amazing website at that has so many recipes, videos, and even a member discussion board where you can share your recipes with others and get some new ones for your self and your family! They have contest that are going on and you can participate in or just enjoy the recipes from all that are participating in the contest! With all the products offered there is no reason why you wouldn't find a Pillsbury product that you like!