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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thanksgiving Tuesdays and Thursdays- Do you know how to cook a Turkey?

     How to cook a turkey? ha, good question! Just kidding- However most of the time we don't cook a full large turkey like we do at Thanksgiving. When Thanksgiving comes around though we always have the worry of are we going to cook it long enough, will it be done by dinner time, is it going to taste good? The first year I cooked Thanksgiving and made a whole turkey I was shocked to see the insides on the inside - I had no idea they were there, again I had NEVER cooked a whole turkey. So now every year my husband is responsible for getting that out of there. YUCK! - okay...
      There are many different recipes and ways for you too cook your turkey. Personally, I love fried turkey! It is the best! Here are some recipes to help you decide on the best way to cook your bird! 

  1. Your Basic Turkey Recipe 
  2. Honey & Spice Glazed 
  3. Fried Turkey 
  4. Herb Rub Roasted 
Here are some great recipes to get you started on choosing how your going to cook your bird. I'm still undecided between two ways. I hope everyone is preparing for a wonderful Thanksgiving! I absolutely love the holidays! 
Here is how we recommend NOT cooking your turkey! 

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