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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Thankful - Day 23- What are you thankful for?

     Today I am thankful for side jobs and random times when you win money. During the holidays money always gets a little tighter. You have holidays, bills, extra activities, presents, extra food for the family dinners, property tax and then you also off a lot, which effects the way you spend and save your money. Today my husband and his brother had a side job. It was just want we needed to put us a little on top of things. I appreciate all the hard work he does even after working 41 hours last week, he went and worked an extra 8 to help his brother and make a little money.

     We usually don't buy scratch off tickets. It's just not something that we take the chance on loosing on. We celebrated Thanksgiving with my mom and family tonight because she is going to Las Vegas on Thanksgiving for two weeks (Lucky Her :) ) so after dinner headed home, but husband decided to stop at one the stores on our way home and just grab a scratch off! Well, good thing he did it was a $100 winner! Luck is just that, Luck, and when you win you shouldn't get greedy for more, because then you could loose it all. We turned the ticket in, took the kids to pick a little something special and we went home to save the rest for the holidays.

     It was a great, unexpecting, day! God blesses us when we need it most, when he feels its needed, not when you need it.

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