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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thanksgiving -Tuesdays and Thursdays- Do you have a Thanksgiving Budget?

Menu- Check
Recipes Found, that are needed - Check
Grocery Shopping list made - Check
Budget, decided on.- Check
Cooking List made - Check

      Alright, I'm as prepared as I will ever be and I still have 13 days till Thanksgiving! With the help of my Thanksgiving Printables found Here at Pinch a Little, Save A lot, I'm ready for Thanksgiving and all the grocery shopping! I am actually starting to get really excited for Thanksgiving and all the holiday festivities that are coming up!
     I've set a budget for the Thanksgiving dinner based on what is on my list! I already have picked up a few things so I'm going to leave those out of the budget. It's important to set a limit to your spending in all aspects, why not with your grocery shopping too? Our budget is $150.00 I have no doubt that it should be able to keep it under that, however food has gotten more costly! 

Do you set a budget for Thanksgiving Dinner? Do you have any times for saving money? 
We would love to hear from you! 

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