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Monday, November 18, 2013

Music Mondays- The music I grew up on-


      I am a music lover, with a musician for a father, it should only be expected. I have always loved music for the reasons of the beats, the way it made me feel, to dance to because I loved to dance but always for expressing feelings that I could not express or helping me to understand a situation based on the explanation of it through song. As I have grown my love for music has grown too. I absolutely loved listening to my dad sing and I can hear his voice and music without even having it playing or any music at all playing. My dad played at some of the local bars and when it was his weekend or especially during the summer I would go too. Now I'm sure your all thinking really a child, in a bar, but I was always safe sitting at what use to be the pizza place and eating pizza and drinking cherry coke listening to my daddy sing. I didn't understand the whole bar, drinking, drunks aspect of it. As I grew up I still loved going and spending the day out back on the beach, grabbing some friend pickles and french fries, and listening to some wonderful music. I got to know all the people my dad played with and his best friends. One of his best friends was Rusty Mchugh. A well known singer and songwriter! Rusty was the funniest man I had ever met. Rusty became sick and passed away in 2004, My dad and the rest of Rusty's friends carried on Rusty's legacy playing his music all over. My dad passed in 2009 and the Rusty Mchugh Tributes are still going on. Here are some of the wonderful songs by Rusty Mchugh and Some that were covered by my dad.

One of my Favorites

& My dad singing Rusty Mchugh's Road Tired Eyes. This is still a hard one for me to listen to.

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