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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Techy Tuesday - Christmas Apps

     With the holidays inching closer and closer of course we are checking out everything! Even awesome apps! Here are some of my favorite lately that I love and the kids will love too I'm sure! Plus it's a little bit of holiday magic! All of these apps are free with extended features with purchase, I look at it as try it before you buy it and usually with holiday apps like this you get just want you need!
 Christmas Booth: Allows you to add cute stickers to your pictures! I made a Rudolph & Santa Claus on the beach! 

 Santa Spy Cam:
     This is the cutest app I have seen in a long time. It allows you have "spy" cameras in your home and you caught the elves or if you purchase the app you can catch Santa. I think its cute for the kids to see. It even has "special security" on it so your kids can't just access the app. I'll do one to show them with the tree and decorations up but here is what the free ones look like for you. 

     Elf Yourself is fun for the whole family! This is my Favorite This is an app you can buy extra scenes or you can just use the free one on the app. You do even have the option to go online to and make some more! This is fun you can even do friends or co-workers!

     Hope you enjoyed the Techy Tuesday! I have several more websites and possible apps to help you share all the Christmas Magic possible with your kids and family! Stay Tuned!

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