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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Words for Wednesday

     Words for Wednesdays are going to be quotes! Instead of pictures with no words it will be pictures with words! If you have a favorite quote post it here for next week! Thanks!


15 Days of Halloween - Post # 14 - Halloween Hairstyles!

     We all know I am obsessed & LOVE hair bows! I made hair bows for  Raised Southern  Halloween season and also for my daughter to wear. Well the other day I found this and thought this is be perfect for Halloween Day. This is a little bit of a harder braid, but if you don't know how to braid like this you can do a traditional braid or a bun would be cute as well. The main thing is use those Halloween Rings! We have so many of them around that are left over from the school goody bags or were received in the school goody bags that I don't have to go buy any. I also have these which will be cute to go along with the spiders!

 photo f3984715c5aff1d479f66546e949e386_zpsb597d6d4.jpg
Here is one of the many hairstyles for all occasions for your little one over at Princess Piggies  
This post is in no way affiliated with Princess Piggies, I just enjoy the site and the cute hairstyles for your little princess, and credit should be given where credit is due!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dinosaurs in the woods - Elberta, AL

     Wanna know a secret? There's Dinosaurs in the woods! When I was a little girl  my dad once said,     "Lets go hunt dinosaurs"! I of course looked at him like he was a little crazy because I knew dinosaurs were extinct, but it was still exciting to try and figure out what he was talking about. He would take us out to the woods and in the woods, were dinosaurs, out in the country. I didn't think much about it until I moved out here in 2009 to take the kids out to hunt dinosaurs. Well time passed as it always does and well here we are with 2013 coming to an end. I finally found out where the dinosaurs were exactly because I was a kid and didn't know directions then, and we decided to take a drive out there this past weekend. My husband said he thought they may not be there because that was long ago and they probably weren't there, that's why he never made it a big deal to go.

There are 4 dinosaurs placed apart on the side of the main road in the woods, you do have to look for them! 3 are placed on one side of the road and 1 is placed off to the other side. Here are the Dinosaurs:



      There is also a replica of Stonehenge out in the woods. This was awesome. I do not remember this being there when I was kid out with my dad. We got out and took a walk and the kids ran around. This would be a nice place for a picnic and to let the kids run some energy off.


     If you are in the area and need something to do, take a back road ride and check out the dinosaurs! If in the Elberta, AL area, you will need to go South on CR 95 from Hwy 98, then right on Fish Trap Rd at the Barber Marina sign and follow to the next Marina sign where you would take a left, heading south. A few miles up, you will see the dinosaurs.

15 days of Halloween - Post #13 - HEALTHY SNACK FOR HALLOWEEN

I found this absolute cute, easy, healthy, and fast to make treat on Pinterest. The original post comes from How cute are these? & All you need is the oranges and a black sharpie and TA DA!!! So go to the store and get your kids this fun and healthy treat to take to school for their Halloween Party or just for a Halloween special snack!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Date Night Ideas- They are so important for your relationship!


    I always look forward to our Fridays, it's Date Night thanks to my wonderful mother! Date nights are so important for all relationships but are really important for married couples! Once we get married, we get into the groove of things, a routine. Sometimes this routine seems never ending and we don't make as much time for our significant others like we should. I think one thing that is forgotten once we get into a routine is how much fun that you, as a couple have together and each person is only focusing on what needs to be done and completed. That can become exhausting! Couples need to remember the fire doesn't just go out, you allow it to be put out. The foundation of your relationship with your significant other was built on you two dating and enjoying each others companies, so why should that stop after kids, 2, 3, 4, or 5+ years of marriage?
     Date Nights don't always have to be going out somewhere and spending money, because dinner and go out somewhere can get expensive every week. Some of my favorite date nights do not cost anything. We try to plan our date nights out and then plan the other nights based on our budget for the month. That's what I recommend for you as well. Here are some things to do to make your date night work:
          1} Get a Plan - Plan out where your going to go, what is your budget, do you need a babysitter?
          2} Get a Babysitter- It is important for you to spend time as a family and have family dates, but once a week with your love is what is needed for you two.
         3}Write it on the calendar - write it on the calendar so it is there, and you both know about it and don't plan anything else- unless something important comes up, of course.
         4} Stick to it - Everyone is busy, everyone has things to do, everyone has work, but everyone also needs some fun. If your significant other and/or your self have a high stress, constant busy job, for this ONE night a week he/she can take the time for you and you should do the same! Put the phones away, turn the computers off, and enjoy each others company.

     Don't know what to do for a date? There is no excuse that is good enough to not have date night - Even if you have no option for a sitter, incorporate the kids but also make it an evening for you two. If you are struggling with what to do for a date, in this day and age google it - Date night ideas or Free date night ideas - If your like me you have a Pinterest board full of ideas for you and your significant other.

Here are some of the sites I use for ideas:

     Now there is no reason why you and your love shouldn't have a date night. There are so many wonderful ideas listed from each of these bloggers. Another idea is for you to plan two and have your significant other plan the other two. That allows both of you to plan something fun and for you to not feel like your only doing what the other wants too.

     Do you have a date night regularly with your spouse? Is it something that you two make a priority? What is your favorite Date Night?  Please join in the conversation

Music Mondays- My Soundtrack

     Starting this week through November, were going to have Music Mondays! Music has always been such a big part of my life. My father was a musician and growing up it was a daily, constant thing. Music helps me sort through my thoughts and emotions. Every song tells a story and has meaning, there is a song for every occasion and emotion. Music says what we sometimes cannot say ourselves. If there is a song I like and listen too it is because it relates to me, in some form. Do you relate to this music this way as well? It truly is something that I could not live without. My iPod would be one of the things that had to come with me if I was stuck on a deserted island with only 5 things. This week my music Monday is going to be my soundtrack. The songs that describe me at different times, throughout my life; a soundtrack to my life (so far). Now I can say there are several songs that make me think of myself from all different times in my life and all genre of music.

In no particular order:
2}American Honey - Lady Antebellum
3}Little Miss- Sugarland
4} Country Strong - Gwynth Paltrow
5}Perfect- Pink
6} Shake it out - Florence and the Machine
8}She Talks to Angels - Black Crowes
9} Let Her Cry - Hootie & the Blowfish
10} Because of You - Kelly Clarkson
11} Hell of Heels - Pistal Annies
12} Tough - Kelly Pickler

14}Lil FLip - I Shoulda Listened
15} T.I. Live your life
16}T.I. Dead and Gone
17} I fly above Candi Buress
18} Girl is on Fire - Alicia Keys
20} Roar- Katy Perry

15 Days of Halloween -Post #12 Interesting Facts You Probably didn't know about Halloween

Interesting Facts You Probably didn't know about Halloween: Found on Pinterest!- Oh how I love that site!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

15 days of Halloween - Post # 11 - Corn Maze & Other Fall Fun

     What a absolute wonderful weekend. The Month of October has flown by with my trip to Oklahoma and then returning to my daughter being sick  has kept us busy we haven't been able to have much family time. This weekend we planned to get a lot of family fun time in and we absolutely did!

Our son has his bowling league first thing in the morning on Saturdays. My daughter isn't into bowling, but luckily she does not mind sitting there watching and the bowling alley has a wonderful arcade. Our son was doing so good and has great stance when bowling, we decided to take our daughter to the arcade for some games. It must have been her lucky day because she won the jackpot on a game! 1000 tickets!

She was very excited and the only thing she wanted was a princess tiara that was only 100 tickets. It made her day!
      After bowling we decided on some lunch and then off to the Corn Maze we went. Living in South AL on the Gulf Coast, all you have to do is go a little North and your in the fields. About 45 minutes from our small town there is another small town called Magnolia Springs, AL. Here are beautiful homes, open land, and small town living. During the month of October the Magnolia Corn Maze is open.  
The Magnolia Corn Maze is not just a maze. There are several other activities that are offered at the Corn Maze as well.
Here you can play on the playground and hay, take your pictures with the cutout photo ops, ride a bull (mechanical of course), check out the petting zoo ( I want a goat), Launch Pumpkins at the Pumpkin launcher, race rubber duckies, Horse races, corn shooters, bazooka ball, hayride, pumpkin patch, and refreshments, and at night there is a Zombie Paintball shoot out!

 It really is a lot of fun and not expensive at all. General Admission gets you in the Maze, Petting Zoo, Hay Ride, and gives you some tickets for the other activities.

Of course you can purchase more tickets if necessary and some of the games and mechanical bull require actual money. It was well worth it and we went in under General Admission and had plenty to do.

     The layout and theme of the Maze was the Great State of Alabama! All through out the maze there are signs to different towns through out Alabama and the interstates and main highways in the state.
There are also little dead ends and sites through the field. It was a lot of fun and each year they do a different themed maze so you can keep going back for more and more.

     Check to see if there is a Corn Maze near you. They are great for all ages and a lot of fun for the family. There may even be other activities to enjoy as well like at our corn maze.

     We were also going to check out a Haunted Forrest that is up the road at KOA Campgrounds. We talked to the kids about it first to see if it was something that they would be interested in, they both said Yes. As we got there and got out in the dark, with lights around and a spooky sounds and screams coming from the woods, my six year old daughter decided this was not something she would be doing and was scared. We offered for my husband and son to still enjoy it but they said it wouldn't be fair.(Such gentleman!) We decided to go to the store and get treats and come home and enjoy Beetlejuice.

     Have you and your family had any Fall Fun this October? What was your favorite? The Corn Maze was absolutely my favorite of the activities we have done so far! Hope you find a Corn Maze near you!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

15 Days of Halloween Fun - Post #10- Make your own Lollipops

     All kids LOVE lollipops, they get them at the bank, the doctors office, etc. Here is a fun and easy way to make Lollipops with your kids and you can even let them make their own flavors! Jolly Ranchers have so many flavors you can mix and match them as much or as little as you want. If you do not have lollipop sticks you can make hard candy melts. these would be cute for the holidays coming.

     -Parchment Paper/Wax Paper
     - Jolly Ranchers
     -Lollipop Sticks {Can be found in the baking department of your local Walmart or Hobby Store)

     Heat oven to 200 degrees. Unwrap Jolly ranchers and Lay in the order you would like the flavors. You can do two in a row or three. Place in oven for 5 minutes. Remove and place stick into the Jolly Rancher. Allow to cool.

Once they are cool, enjoy!!! This is such a great use for all those Jolly Ranchers that do not always get eaten.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Five

My Friday Five: Top 5 things of the week!

1. ~She's Better~ I'm so thankful my little one is feeling better and able to go back to school. She is officially back to her self; dancing around, laughing, being silly, and playing. She really did give us a scare.  It's always so bad when your kids are sick cause you would do anything to make them better!

2. ~Pumpkin Carving~ We love carving pumpkins and this year we did some really cute ones! The kids had a blast and it was nice to have a get together! We print our stencils off the Internet, we have any and every kind that we can image and their free. That's something to think about for next year for you and your family.

3.~Halloween~ I love decorating for Halloween! I don't like to spend a whole lot of money on the decorating so if your like me go to the Dollar Store, Dollar General, and go shopping the day after Halloween to save some money! I also like to take the kids and let them pick out somethings. We're excited for Halloween and taking the kids trick or treating. My son is going to be Iron Man and my daughter is going to be Princess Aurora with Make-up is how she puts it. She loves to wear make-up.

4.~ Is it Summer Yet?~ & yes I just said that! I hate hate the cold and today and tomorrow will be the coldest. I'm not ready for the cold at all. Even though with fall and winter comes the holidays and the holidays are my favorite, I live on the coast for a reason because I wasn't meant for the cold.

5. ~Finally Friday~ I'm excited for a great fun filled weekend with my family. The past few weeks have been crazy and got everyone out of routine. It's starting to get back to normal around here. I have date night with my love, fun filled day of football, bowling, lunch, and the corn maze with my family, and Sunday filled with more football of course and celebrating a close friends birthday! YAY for FRIDAY!

15 Days of Halloween - Post #9- Halloween Movie Time

     Halloween is such a great and fun time for the kids. Halloween kicks of the start of the holidays and the rest of the year. We have Family Movie night every week. It gives us some quality time doing the week and the kids look forward to the movie also. To help us out during the Holidays, we turn to ABC Family  - They always have movies on and during the holidays they do specials. During Halloween they have the 13 Nights of Halloween - We usually don't have time to sit down and watch them right then so our DVR is full of movies that we save and watch on the weekends or during family movie Night. I'm big on planning things and it seems to run smoother when things are planned! I wanted to share with you all the schedule which you can find HERE:- This weekend they are playing some of the greats, and I can't wait to watch them!