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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Amish Proverbs

Amish Proverbs –
I just finally finished the season of #BreakingAmish. I really don’t know what made me start watching that show except that it may have been on one day while folding clothes or cleaning I’m sure, but I was kind of hooked. Plus, I love reality t.v. I don’t know what about it intrigues me but it does, I’m pretty sure it is because I like to see the differences in people, lives, way of living, etc. Just the fact that the show was Amish was intriguing alone.

     When I was younger I visited Pennsylvania twice with my Aunt. This was the first time I had ever heard of Amish. I was automatically curious, why do they dress different? Look different {the men and their beards}? What do you mean they have no electricity? Or telephones, how do you not have a telephone?

I'm #Always #LikeAGirl because I am a Girl

Have you seen the #Always #LikeaGirl Commercial? This commercial, no matter how many times I watch it, brings tears to my eyes because of the difference between how women and little girls see different things but only because society and people around us have made us women feel like we can’t be ourselves. Even if our self is “not cool” to other people, even if you have different dreams, aspirations, opinions, or hobbies, Always Be Yourself!
If you have daughters make sure to build their self confidence because the world and others will tear it down and we want all children, not just our sons to be strong, independent, and leaders, but we want our daughters to have all the same qualities and to know that they can do anything in the world that they want as long as they work hard and stay strong through whatever obstacles they may face.
If you haven’t seen the video then watch it because yes I do everything like a girl, because I am a girl, and that’s great!

Have a great day everyone, and make someone elses day great too.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

{Back to School} Tax Free Shopping Weekend

     It's that time again, Back to School & Back to School Sales. I'm very excited because this year we are homeschooling my son. As a mother of two children I know how much it costs to buy school clothes, supplies, shoes, and pay any additional school fees, not to mention the fundraisers they send home within the first week of school. It is expensive and for many families they can't afford it all or it sets them back some, so saving any money at all is great. The best time to shop is when it is Tax free and 16 states offer Tax Free Weekend where you can get a certain amount of school supplies, clothes, computers, and some states offer more with no additional tax. This saves so much for me because I'm already such a frugal shopper. Here is a list that shows when every state that offers a tax free weekend and what is covered.

-If your in Alabama like I am our Tax Free Weekend is August 1-3 and covers:
     Clothing $100
     Computers $750
     School Supplies $50
     Books $30
-I am also very close to Pensacola, FL and have many friends and family that are in that area.Here is the dates for Florida. Your weekend is also August 1-3 and covers:
     School Supplies $15
     Clothing $100
     Computers $750

Here is the list for the other 14 States:

Happy Back 2 School Shopping!

Team No Kid Hungy!

     Yes, you read that right, 1 out of 5 Children in our great nation of  America Struggle with Hunger. It is sad that our Children of America the Brave and America the Beautiful struggle with Hunger but WE can change that! Childhood Hunger is a series fixable problem. This problem can have long term lasting effects on children for the rest of their life. We know all the politics of Americas Debts and spending habits but what we don't hear about in the same way is how there are 16 Million children living in households without consistent access to adequate food. That is what makes it 1 out 5 that struggle, chances are you know someone or maybe you don't see it or know about the struggle with hunger. Watch the Story of  Hungry from the way a child feels and thinks about Hunger.


I have taking a Stand to End Childhood Hunger in America and joined Team No Kid Hungry.  Over the next few weeks I will be focusing on many different ways you can help as well. The only way to End Childhood Hunger is to do it together and we can make a difference. Below you can join us in pledging to do what you can to help end Childhood Hunger. Even if it is by just making a monetary donation or delieveing to food to your local food bank. Anything & Everything makes a difference.

Take the Pledge

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Collected Home

     I was immediately intrigued by this post when I read it at Cultivate Create. I am in love with my home, It's so important to us. It was my grandparents home, and then my father lived here before he passed. We wanted to buy the home after that and here we are. This home was built by my grandfather and they moved in when I was 9 years, I practically grew up here. It was important to me that his home was kept in our family because of all the memories we have here and I will be passing it down to my children. I don't know about you but I like putting "my style" in everything I do, especially where I live. While I love all the homes that are decorated perfectly and so clean you could eat out of the corner of the room {that's always the dirtiest spot on the floor in this house}, I think it is important to have pieces in your home that tell a story, your story.

     The decor of your home says a lot about you, and I think it tells the type of person you are. It could be anything from the type of decor you like to the family heirlooms that have been passed down to you or given to you. It could be just that you like bright colors and decided to paint the living room all kinds of colors. My home is full of stories from the things that were given to me or passed down to me. Here are some of my favorites and important ones. We would be here all day if I shared all the decor in my house and why I have it.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

June Monthly Memories

     Okay Okay, I know it's almost the end of July- and you're probably thinking I do not care what you did in June BUT I forgot to add these and I want to make sure I have all these memories! Have a Great Weekend!

P.S. I got a new camera for Mothers Day so there are a lot, I had to test all the settings, ya know?!

^^^My Loves^^^

Saturday, July 19, 2014

{Southern Snapshots} July 19, 2014

     All pictures are taken by me, Kari Scott and are taking all along the Gulf Coast.
-Pensacola, FL 

-Perdido Key, FL 
-Perdido Bay 

-Orange Beach, AL 
-Gulf Shores, AL 
-Backroads of Elberta, AL 

Friday, July 18, 2014

{ - July Craft Contributor} 6 Ways to Cure the Summertime Boredom Blues

     It's that time of the month again, here is my Craft Contributor post for July! I thought since it is so hot outside and all I've been hearing lately from the kids is I'm bored, I wanna do something, but my bank is scream PLEASE DONT, I would share 6 DIY/Cheap ways to Cure the Summertime Boredom Blues. Some of these things the kids are asking if they can do daily!
I hope everyone is having a great summer, See y'all next month for a Back to School Craft for the kids.

my craftily ever after

Head on over HERE to and read all about these 6 ways I cured the Summertime Boredom Blues!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

{The Scott Life}Taking-Stock Link-Up

I've been thinking about a way to update everyone more on a regular basis the things going on in my life, actually going on, not just stuff I blog, jobs, crafts, etc. I have going on. I want to let you all in a little more. I've been looking at several link ups and I found this one. It's not a link -up just a series that I found at called Taking-Stock. I absolutely LOVE this way of updating everyone!  This will give everyone a chance to get to know me a little better. You can even complete this several times a week if you want to because it will change daily. Make sure you always Link-Up! 

Making : Graphics, I love making graphics, but really hate how time consuming it is. However, this is what has to be done, and it's one of my favorite parts the blogging process! It's a Love/Hate Relationship.
Cooking : Nothing - Tonight we are taking the kids skating and eating out. We don't do this often at all so it is a very special treat. Plus I love any night I don't have to cook. 
Drinking : A Red Bull - {I know, shame on me, BUT I really need all the energy today.}

{Alabama Women Bloggers} We're celebrating a year together!

     Happy 1 year to us, Alabama Women Bloggers!! I remember when I received an email from my Aunt telling me that I really needed to join this site, it was a growing site and it would be good for my blog if I went ahead and joined and participated in the community. I thought this was awesome because I live in Alabama, I'm a Women, and a Blogger! This was PERFECT lol, but the main reason it was perfect is because I wanted to really become apart of this community and help out!

{Travel} Summer Time Safety - Beach Flag Warnings & Rip Current Safety

     If you haven't been to the beach yet this summer, you sure are missing out! It sure is hot enough to spend all day, everyday out there. If you have been to the beach then you have seen {or should have saw, and been looking for} the Beach Flags that are flying out on all beaches, at least the beaches here on the Gulf Coast! These signs are very important. It will tell you what you need to be aware of, just because the water looks nice and calm, doesn't mean it is.
     On this morning in particular the flags we're flying Yellow & Purple, {Ugh LSU colors, they really should have FL Gator Colors for flags, they should would be prettier!} Anyways, if you can't tell I am ready for Football Season! These particular color flags mean Moderate Surf or Conditions & Dangerous Marine Life. Now, before you go freaking out over the words "Dangerous Marine Life" this could just mean Jellyfish, but still be on the look out especially swimming in the gulf, near any fishermen, or near a long pier that fishing is allowed on. This sometimes draws sharks near, I don't know about you, but I don't swim with sharks! Even though there was a yellow flag flying which means Moderate Surf or Conditions, the Gulf was very calm.

Even on a calm day like this the water can still be rough which is why they have a Moderate Surf or Conditions. Now if you do not live on the Gulf Coast and do not watch the tides change often you would have no idea why they consider this moderate surf or conditions, there is no surf at all. However, if you are from the coast and have lived on & been around water then you would know that this could change at any time and you never know how bad the rip current is.
{we will talk about a rip tide in just a moment}