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Friday, November 1, 2013


Heavy Metal Glam - November 1-30, 2013 Giveaway
     What does it mean to me? It means being a rock goddess! It means wearing pink with your black. It means glitter in your black nail polish. It means wearing chains embellished with rhinestones. Heavy Metal Glam was born from the idea that you can be edgy and still be feminine. Why choose when you can have the best of both worlds?
This months giveaway is a pink glass seed bead bracelet, hand strung, valued at $20. This is just a sample of what I have to offer. Every single piece I sell is designed and hand made by me personally. Why go to so much effort? Because I enjoy every minute of it. I enjoy walking in the store to buy all the pretty items I see. I enjoy coming home, pulling out the supplies, and just seeing what design I can create. I even enjoy the trial and error when trying to make a vision come to life. Most of all I enjoy see people walk around, wearing my creation, and knowing that I made that person feel happy/pretty/complete by creating that item.

     As an added bonus to thank all the customers from Raised Southern, you can enter the coupon code RSTHANKS to receive 25% off your total purchase at This coupon expires November 30, 2013. 

You will also win $15.00 to use at and choose bows of your choice!! 
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Owner of Heavy Metal Glam
I am the stay at home mom to two beautiful little boys. I love all things crafty and dabble a little in everything. My true passion is jewelry though. I love shiny, sparkly, and pretty but I also have a punk side. I am the PTA mom that comes to school with tattoos and piercings. I design each piece of jewelry with the idea of combining the two styles. Who says pretty can't be edgy? Who says edgy can't be feminine? I love both! I started making jewelry a year ago as a hobby and was told by so many family members and friends that I really should sell my stuff. In October of 2012 I joined Etsy. I have watched my brand grow. Heavy Metal Glam is online at Etsy as well as Craft Star, creations are custom made for anyone, and specific lines are sold in two local stores. Find me at the following:
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                                              You can also find me at: Craft Star
                                               and Email me at