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The Scott Life

This is a small space on my blog that shares stuff about our family and things going on or what we may be doing. I must say that my family is my favorite thing to write about and take pictures of. We have quite a few family members that live out of state and I want to be able to share with them our lives! So let me just apoligize to all you reading now for all the Scott Family Stuff, pictures of my kids, lovey dovey stuff about my husband, and the fun that we have in our life :) #SorryNotSorry, but this is my space for all that. All the other is yours!

This is just a weekly survey I fill out talking about things going in our life and with the kids. Just a little bit of us shared with y'all!

All of these are Monthly Memories with my family! I cherish pictures because of the memories they hold for not only us but also for our children.

Beautiful Pictures that I take all over! It may be a beautiful day at the beach or just something I thought would take a beautiufl photo. I share all the locations of where these Southern Snapshots were taking.

More About Raised Southern 

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