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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mini Pizzas - Also Great Party Finger Food! 4 Ingrediants


There are a ton of Mini Pizza Ideas and Recipes out there on the world wide web, everything from English Muffin Pizza's to little mini muffin pizzas. Its always nice to find a recipe that can be used for several different occasions, this particular mini pizza pocket recipe is great for a quick snack, a appetizer, or even for a finger food at your football party. Even better then being a recipe that is able to be used for multiple occasions, it also only needs 4 ingredients! This is even something very simple and fun to cook with the kids and allow them to make your own. We did traditional pepperoni pizza pockets, but you could do ham and pineapple, three meat, etc.

What you will need for Basic Pepperoni Pizza Pockets:

~2 Sticks of String Cheese - we use Kraft Polly-O Cheese Sticks
~1 can Biscuits, 10 count - of course there is no other kind better then Pillsbury
~10 Pepperoni Slices- Hormel
~& last but not least for your dipping pleasure, Marinara or Spaghetti Sauce.
  • Cut the Sticks of string cheese into 3's
  • Remove the biscuits from the can, Separate
  • Take one Biscuit, place a piece of pepperoni on top of it, add piece of string cheese, and add another piece of pepperoni, Cover with another biscuit.
  • Pinch together the sides to close and make a pocket.
  • Cook as directed on the biscuit package.
  • Add your sauce either to the top, inside, or on the side for dipping & ENJOY!!!
      This is a great finger food for any occasion! Not only is it a great finger food but its also very easy and can be used in many ways. You could even make your own variety, Cheeseburger sliders, BBQ pulled pork sliders, etc. I can't wait to make this for our first Football get together. I'm sure these will be a hit at any party!

Not Resolutions, Life Style Changes Check-Up....


     4 Months into 2013... Goodness Gracious... I don't know if to say, it should be further into 2013 then just April since we have already done so much this year and it has flown by, or if to say its only April?, because it seems like it has been a long slow year already. Either way, I'm sure we have all fallen off the wagon at least once or twice, forgot or lost our New Year Life Style Changes, or your Resolutions. Only 8% of people that set goals or resolutions for the new year reach success at fulfilling those set. I planned to make "lifestyle changes", these are ways that help keep our lives balanced and help us stay on track. We went on vacation in February, and its always hard to get back on track from things after being on vacation. Once we got back into the swing of things from being on Vacation, baseball started and its been go, go, go for us here lately. Things are still very busy, but I want to get back on track with our lifestyle changes and be successful in making these changes, habits.

 The lifestyle changes that we were wanting to make were:

*Continue our Family Time- we are a very close family and make it a high priority to spend time together. I want to continue our Family movie and game night. I want to also plan that once a month we do something extra also Movies, Zoo, Water park, etc.
* Stay Organized- I'm already a very organized person, and even though I love surprises, I much rather have everything planned and know about it. This year I want to make sure that I stay organized, stay on a budget ( because this year we have done amazing by doing a budget and STICKING TO IT!) Our life seems to flow so much easier if everything is planned and everyone is on the same page.
*Continue to Eat Healthier & Stay on Fitness Track!- Last year I set this as an absolute MUST and made it a priority to focus on and was Successful.. I didn't want to do the whole "diet" thing I just want to eat healthier and eat the recommended amount for myself a day and work out. I did just that, continued to eat what I wanted, but looked for healthier ways to make those foods, and worked out! That is the most important! The family and I got even more active and I did separate workouts myself. Sad to say since the holidays things haven't been so Healthy... so I plan to restart focusing on this and continuing it as well!
* I want to focus on my business and build it! New ideas, new products, and build it bigger so its exactly what I have always dreamed for it to be. Now a days everyone wants to be there own boss and think, that it is so grand but it is HARD work and if you are not willing to put in the time, long hours, and nights, then you aren't prepared to be a business owner. I've always been willing to do that but with your children I found it hard to spread all my time out. Both my children are in school now and our schedules all flow well. So I want to add some time each day to focus directly on my business and making 2013 the best year for it!
* Read a Book a Month!!! -- this is for me and me only! I love to read, but last year found that I had not got through a whole book (other then bedtime stories) in the whole year of 2011, so I added this to my lifestyle changes list last year and found that it was wonderful to sit down and enjoy myself and just relax with a good book! I will never change this one!
*(last but not least) I want to stay positive and focused in all that we do, and not get dragged down by the things and people that do not matter. Life is to short to waste any of it on things that do not matter.

     For the most part these were apart of our everyday/ weekly routine. Some of this though has been put to the side because of other things but I'm remembering that so much gets accomplished if you just set your mind to stuff, focus on it, and do it. Everything will get done and you will be successful. I haven't been focused to much on three of these life style changes that I set for myself and our family. It is time now to get back on track and focused!
With 2 games of baseball a week, plus 2 practices, I feel we never have time to do anything and by the time we do have time were so exhausted we just want to relax! With being so busy we have not been focused on our family game & movie nights. We've only had time to do one or the other during the week and something on the weekend. I want to make sure that it goes back to being a main priority that we have a designated movie night and game night because not only do the kids look forward to it but it gives my husband and I have a chance to relax and have some fun time with the kids altogether. 

     Its time for everyone to go ahead and reevaluate your resolutions, your goals, and your life changes that you set at the beginning of the year, and get back on track. Focus on where your are falling short,  that way you are making sure to make it a priority to work on that specific goal. With hard work there always comes  success. Try focusing on it for 2 weeks and see where you are after that 2 weeks!

Its NEVER to late to climb back on the wagon and pick right up where you left off.. Remember, No goal is unachievable!  

Monkey Bread- Our Favorite Breakfast!

Good Morning!!! -- Some people aren't always morning people, however when your waking up to this:
I don't see how you couldn't be happy!! This Yummy Goodness is Monkey Bread and its one of our favorites around here! It is very simple and easy to make. The recipe can be found on Pillsbury or on the 4 pack of Refrigerated Biscuits. You can also sign up for coupons and receive emails with recipes. 
It does take a little bit of time to make this but its a very special breakfast. I usually make it on Holidays or special occasions. You can also add sprinkles to the top to make it festive! Fruit also adds color and some healthiness to your breakfast.
Here is the recipe if you are having trouble seeing it: Monkey Bread


1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon 
2 cans (16.3 oz each) Pillsbury® Grands!® Home style refrigerated buttermilk biscuits
1/2 cup chopped walnuts, if desired
1/2 cup raisins, if desired
1 cup firmly packed brown sugar
3/4 cup butter or margarine, melted


  • 1Heat oven to 350°F. Lightly grease 12-cup fluted tube pan with shortening or cooking spray. In large -storage plastic food bag, mix granulated sugar and cinnamon.
  • 2Separate dough into 16 biscuits; cut each into quarters. Shake in bag to coat. Arrange in pan, adding walnuts and raisins among the biscuit pieces.
  • 3In small bowl, mix brown sugar and butter; pour over biscuit pieces.
  • 4Bake 28 to 32 minutes or until golden brown and no longer doughy in center. Cool in pan 10 minutes. Turn upside down onto serving plate; pull apart to serve. Serve warm.

    Hope your family enjoys this as much mine!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Colored Deviled Eggs-- any color, any holiday, and any occasion!

     Pinterest!! DUH! -- Around the Easter holiday, pastel colored deviled eggs were floating around Pinterest and of course for our Easter dinner we had to had them!! I was a little worried that I was going to mess the deviled eggs up and, come on, its hard to mess up deviled eggs. I was surprised how easy this was and how the eggs didn't taste any different. All you need is:
Food Coloring
2 tbsp. Vinegar
Hard boiled eggs
     We used little cups and neon food coloring. Add the 2 tbsp of Vinegar, and then however many drops of Food Coloring to make the colors you would like. Once the color is the right hue, add water. Now, of course you are going to peel your hard boiled eggs and get them prepared for deviled eggs. Once all the yolk is removed, place the egg white into the egg dye, until it is the color you want. Once it is the correct color, pull out, and place upside down to allow any additional liquid to drain out. Once dry, go ahead and finish making your deviled eggs.
     Everyone knows there is never enough deviled eggs to go around at all the get togethers. This is a way to make making the deviled eggs fun and you can do it for any occasion. I think it will be very cute to make this for The Fourth of July,Christmas and even to match the themes of my children's birthday parties. As with most things once I finished making them, I thought to myself, why have I never made these before? My immediate next thought was I will be making these for every get together & color coordinated.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Little Zoo That Could, ALWAYS makes us happy!!


     We absolutely love the The Little Zoo That Could! You may have heard of this zoo and you may not have, however this is definitely a very very special place. The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo was featured on the Discovery Channel as The Little Zoo That Could! This zoo was destroyed in 2004 by Hurricane Ivan. All the zoo animals were evacuated by staff and volunteers inland to higher land and away from the zoo. If the animals would have been left they would have not survived. The animals and this zoo was rescued and is being rebuilt thanks to the staff and all the volunteers that dearly love this zoo. I live on the Alabama Gulf Coast and this place has been around as long as I can remember! We lost everything during Hurricane Ivan as well. The gulf coast was devastated by this storm.  Last Summer was the first time since the storm that I had returned. We took the kids and family we had in from Oklahoma to visit the zoo and then pawpaw took the kids to play golf! (The best mini golf rates) Our kids absolutely love this zoo and how close they feel and can get to all the animals. We usually visit this zoo at least once or twice a year.
     For Christmas this year one of our gifts was a membership for a full year at the zoo to all activities and events.  The membership is free admission for a year for your family, Two Parents and all children living at home. We were all so excited, we couldn't wait for it to warm up so we could go an enjoy!! :) Now, we will be visiting the zoo much more often and of course taking all our friends and family!

Please be sure to visit their website and watch the story on this amazing zoo and all that it has been through!! Also please contribute to assist this zoo in moving to higher ground! We have been very blessed that we have not any storms like Ivan or Katrina come near us in many years, and we hope to keep in that way! Donate if you are able to even just $1.00 to help move the animals and save this wonderful zoo!

     On this particular Day we decided to go out to the Zoo and then head for a picnic at the beach. The Zoo is maybe a mile from the beach so its a wonderful day adventure for the family! Plus, now that we have a membership it is going to be the perfect "for free" activities for us. We love to visit all the animals. The bigger animals such as the bears, and cats are our favorite to look at because they seem so close and personal. Plus our kids love reading about them (even though the signs never change from the last time they were there). The kids love the petting zoo. My daughter of course was skeptical of putting her hands down there for the animals but after a first couple of times watching her brother she was right there with him!

One of our favorite and must see animals that we have to visit always is Chucky! He is a huge alligator that has made The Alabama Gulf Coast his home. He use to love to visit the locals at the campground till he was brought to the zoo.  I would be scared for sure, if he ever visited me!

After our visit at the zoo we went for a picnic on the beach at the public beach access. This tiny town is such a beautiful area and has so many special places to visit. This particular one happens to be one of mine and my families favorite!! :) A absolute must see!!!

Opening Day!

     Opening Day 2013 was awesome! It was a absolutely beautiful day for Baseball and to kick off the 2013 Little League Season! Our park is a very small parent ran park. Everything is handled by volunteers and parents, from the Concession stand to coaching and team moms. I am one of the team moms for my sons 10U team. I share the duties with a close friend of mine and her husband is one of the coaches along with 3 others for our team. Each team has several coaches and team moms that assist with their team for the entire season!
     This Season for Opening Day we decided that all the kids needed to be there for Opening Ceremony, we had a bounce house, food, decorations and a lot of Baseball! Each of our Teams played a game this day.
It was a very successful day. At our Opening ceremony we introduced our 5 teams. All the kids were very excited and looked great in all their uniforms!

During our opening day ceremony we all pledged the Little League Pledge. The little league pledge was started in the mid 1950's by an official for the Little League. The Little League Pledge is:

I trust in God

I love my country
And will respect its laws
I will play fair
And strive to win
But win or lose
I will always do my best

This was the first time the park used this pledge. I think it is very important for the players to understand this and honor this. Next year I believe it will be something we recite at the beginning  of each home game. I think it would be a good inspiration to the boys for each game because win or lose, they should always do their best and have fun! 
     Our first pitch was thrown out by Kazoo the Pensacola Blue Wahoo's Mascot! Our kids were very excited to see him and take pictures with him! Our first fundraiser will be done to support the Pensacola Blue Wahoo's at their April 15th game @ 7:00 pm tickets are $9 each for reserved seating!

     I always say the best thing about our park is that it is a little community park. We are very family oriented and about the kids having fun! We are not focused on only fundraising or only focusing on those that bat the best and pitch the best. We are focused on all our players and want everyone to feel equal! I am very very thankful for this park and that my children and my nephews play here!!!

  Good Luck to all our players and teams!!! 2013 is going to be a GREAT Season!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Disney Must Do's & Our Trip

Our Trip & Must Do’s!

-          Amazing!!! The word does not even begin to describe how our Walt Disney World Vacation was.  This I believe has been the best yet, however we say that after each vacation that we go on. This trip we stayed a week at The Art of Animation Resort ,the resort is beautiful! It truly captures each story from Cars all the way to The Little Mermaid.

-We stayed in the Cars Suite. Outside there were all the characters for the kiddos to take pictures with. It was like this in each area.  

      All of the Disney Value hotels have great picture opportunities and are wonderful for the children! Plus you cannot beat the price. We always stay at a Walt Disney World Resort! You get the best of everything! By staying at a Walt Disney World Resort you get many extra perks that you do not get if you stay somewhere else!

All of our trips include and will always include: Resort + Park Tickets + Dining Plan = GREAT FUN!
We do our entire vacation through Disney World, including the food! Food is very very expensive in Disney.. Our lunch for a family of 4 that consisted of Chicken Nuggets (6), French Fries, Cookies (for adults), & Apple Slices (for kids) = $71.00! However, for us it was FREE because I use the Disney Dining Plan. & remember that meal was just Lunch. Breakfast usually costs about the same and Dinner of course is more.   I never regret getting the Dining Plan because we eat at some amazing restaurants and never have to pay a penny. This trip we ate at:

Cinderellas Royal Table  -(with Princesses)

At Cinderellas Castle, they had a wonderful breakfast of pastries, french toast, and of course a traditional breakfast. You can view the menu online for Cinderellas Royal Table to make sure it has food your little ones will eat, especially if you have a picky eater like me. They do accept the Disney Dining plan, however it does take 2 table services from each person. We enjoyed it very much. Even my son that was not to excited, he had to have breakfast with a bunch of Princesses! I absolutely recommend it.
     They also give you a complimentary Photo with Cinderella herself! My daughter was very excited and a little shy! :)

      This place was one of our favorites and we absolutely will be going back to the 50's Prime Time Cafe! They serve you Mama's home cooking! Their menu is also available to view online. I had Fried Chicken, which literally was enough to feed my whole family. My husband had the pork chops and he absolutely loved them. He wanted them later on at other places we went to. However we did not have another reservation for here. But next time we may be eating here twice! :) They have specialty drinks as well for Mom and Dad & also light up drinks in specialty souvenir cups. This restaurant does accept the Disney Dining plan however the specialty souvenir cups are not included.
They also have some amazing deserts!!! This was a ice cream sundae! It had all kids of stuff on it and was enough to share! Everyone got a desert and shared. Its the only way to get to try everything ;)

     The Coral Reef Restaurant is a very special place to eat! Inside the Restaurant is a full aquarium of all types of sea life. Its beautiful to enjoy dinner with your family and watch and talk about all the sea life they see inside. The restaurant is on the backside of the tank that you come out into after riding the Finding Nemo Ride. This restaurant serves seafood which is one of our favorites! They also serve other food however, please remember to check all menus to make sure there is something you and your children will eat. We all got deserts here as well! The deserts are just beautiful, you almost don't want to eat them.

This was our first time trying Creme Brulee! However it is very very good! Everyone should try new things! My husband ordered this as his desert and I was very surprised by this because he is also a very picky eater. I have to say it was very good! We did dinner later in the evening about 2 hours before the fireworks show, we finished dinner and rode the Finding Nemo ride - we got right on, no wait... then enjoyed spending time, before the fireworks,  looking at all see life from the other side of the aquarium. You can even see over into the restaurant where you and your family were eating. Throughout the aquarium part they had different things for the kids to explore and learn about of course. I think our favorite part was watching the dolphin swim. We spent a lot of time watching her up close. 

The Rain Forest Cafe

This was the first time I had ever been to the Rain Forest Cafe or any place like it. The first thing I noticed was all the animals that were hidden throughout the Rain Forest decorated restaurant  Once we sat down and began looking around we say many wonderful animals. The animals move and make noises... and every so often all the animals go off and make noises. See how many animals you can find. Our family really enjoyed this restaurant! Absolute a must see! There are two locations for the Rain Forest Cafe, one at The Animal Kingdom and also a location at downtown Disney!
**-TIP- When going to the Animal Kingdom, there is a ticket booth located near the restaurant that is normally not busy and you can walk right through. This will help out in the morning because not many people know about it! ... shh  :)

The Crystal Palace (with Characters)

      The Crystal Palace has been our favorite since the first time we came to Disney World. The Crystal Palace is a buffet restaurant. The kids really enjoy it because they have a "little" buffet for kids. This Character Dining only uses one of your table service meals. The Characters included are Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet! We go back here because of the food and I love seeing how the kids have grown since the last time they saw the characters. We have always done Dinner at The Crystal Palace, I believe next time we will try them out for Breakfast!

and last but not least, T-Rex Restaurant.

This was our first time at the T-REX Restaurant just like at the Rain Forest Cafe. Both Restaurants have the same sort of large animals and loud noises. T-REX Restaurant is a restaurant that every family should enjoy. The atmosphere was very prehistoric. My son loved it! I think its a great and special place for boys. My daughter enjoyed it as well, minus the  "scary" Dinosaur (T-REX himself). 

She especially loved the dessert. T-REX Restaurant also had amazing food, just like all the other table service restaurants we ate at. I wouldn't expect anything but the best from Walt Disney World. For Dinner, I chose to have the Lasagna. I do not get to have it often because I am the only one that eats it.  It was Delicious, and of course there was plenty and I had to take it with us. I was very happy there were refrigerators and microwaves in our room, nothing like some good ol' leftovers!
Just like at all the other restaurants, T-REX offered a very special dessert. We all shared it because as you can see, it is huge! 

 That was just Table Services! & there are many many more options available with this Dining Plan, we receive:

-1 quick Service

-1 Table Service

-1 Snack

Per person per day!

-          You also receive a refillable cup for each person in your party that can be refilled at your Walt Disney World Resort!

***So that’s our Must Do for planning your trip—Book everything through Walt Disney World! 
                                     Resort + Park Tickets + Dining = Savings & Extra Fun

     We enjoyed all the parks & Downtown Disney and we even went  to The Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios twice!  

* You will enjoy & get to do everything you want to if you split the Magic Kingdom up, there is no way to do it all in one day! We split it up and did it in two separate days... We did Tomorrowland, Most of Fantasyland – minus the carousal & Peter Pans Flight, and Main Street USA. We enjoyed the day and went to the arcade at the hotel that night. We chose not to see the Fireworks because we were going to go back to the Magic Kingdom and we shoot fireworks off a lot at home (so it wasn’t a high priority on our list because we have seen them several times).

-**If you choose to split the park up this way... Make sure to get a fast pass for Space Mountain… and then go ahead and ride all the remaining rides in Tomorrowland, be back at Space Mountain at Fast Pass time and then finish whatever you may have missed & enjoy Lunch.. Then continue to Fantasyland and complete your day with the shops down Main Street USA…

-          Our next day at Magic Kingdom we did Adventure land, Liberty Square, and Frontierland. There was also Extra Magic Hours for the Morning which were 8am-9am and we got to finish off Fantasy Land and be the first on the carousal and no wait for Peter Pans Flight!

--***ALWAYS eat breakfast at a Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom and have reservations!! If you have reservations to a Restaurant in the Magic King at the time it opens or a little before you can be one of the first into the park! You can get some awesome pictures this way and there is nothing like being the first in the park!

-          **Also Magic Kingdom has a welcome show 10 minutes before the park opens! I always plan on arriving at least an hour before the park opens if I want to see it.

**-If splitting park up like this… go ahead and get a fast pass for Splash Mountain &/or Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.. Ride the other ride & then head on over to the Haunted Mansion…  These are the top rides here..

**-- Make Sure to get a Dole Whip Float! I could eat one of these everyday!! It truly is the best! & it comes as a snack on your Disney Dinning Planning & saves you 5.99+ taxes!

*GENERAL TIP*--For any Reservation, get there early & Check in at least 10 min before your Reservation.

-** Get a Fast Pass for Toy Story FIRST!!! – The very first thing you should do if you want to ride Toy Story Mania is go get a Fast Pass. We send one person over to get everyone a fast pass as soon as we walk in the gates and then we all meet to do either Rockin Roller coaster or The Hollywood Tower of Terror… If you do it like this you have minimum wait and then when finished up you can head straight over to Toy Story Mania for your fast pass and come back to this area for shopping, Fantasmic, or Beauty & the Beast Live on Stage.

 ----- then we just enjoy the rest of the park.. Check character times & Show times if there are shows you want to see or specific characters and work that in with your day..

---Hollywood Studios is a park that can be done in one day. It is our favorite park so we went there twice this trip and did our favorite rides twice, ate lunch, & then headed to Downtown Disney.


      There is a lot to do at Epcot.. So choose your favorites.. & do those in the Morning.. Get a Fast Pass for Test Track &/or Soarin & ride the other.. We did Test Track (Fast Pass), and did Soarin with a fast pass as well just later in the evening. We have little children 8 & 5 and since this was their first trip to Epcot we choose to let them do the Passports (where each country stamps and writes something in their language in your passport for your children to keep forever. It shows on the map the different locations available – most are located in a shop and you may have to look for it. There is another fun activity done in Epcot that is done with Agent P, he is a secret agent and needs your help. You will follow different clues that will be given to you at different countries. It really is cool for middle aged children. My son was old enough to enjoy it but my daughter would not have cared, and they would have fought over the clue finder (which looks like a cell phone), and it would have just been a disaster! So when we go on our next trip we will absolutely be trying this out they will both enjoy it and work together then instead of fight (hopefully). Epcot is one of my favorite parks because of the countries and cultures. It truly is a great place to explore other cultures. At each country there are places to eat and shops to explore. Each of the restaurants or shops has food or products that pertain to that particular culture. A fun thing to do with your kids if they like to shop or you do ;), buy a small toy from each country for them to see the types of toys available, or a piece of candy to try out the different candies of the countries.  Now Epcot is not a place that everyone loves, you may just want to do the big rides and use your  park hopper and visit another park, but  It is worth it to at least do the full experience one time on your trip & most importantly see the award winning fireworks show at Epcot. You will not be sorry you waited or came back to see it.

     The Animal Kingdom is like a big Zoo with extra rides & shows. Animal Kingdom is usually a day we split with Downtown Disney, explore other hotels, or just get some rest for the remainder of your trip. The Animal Kingdom is an awesome park with a lot of animals and many opportunities to see the animals in an up close kind of way.  
- The best breakfast is at The Tusker House!  It is a buffet and does include Characters, but try to get a reservation for as earliest as possible that way you don’t have long waits on rides that you may want to get on.
- If you are not eating Breakfast at the park, go straight for Kilimanjaro Safaris and either gets a Fast Pass or go ahead and ride it. I recommend to go ahead and ride it right then. All the animals were awake and walking around eating. It was nice to be able to see all the animals that they had and were talking about on the Safari.

- Next ride or get a Fast Pass for Everest. We went ahead and rode it to get it out of the way and then explore the rest of the park and see the shows!

     Our Disney vacation was absolutely amazing. I know have finally got everything unpacked. We also have got back our Photo pass CD already and I also have already received all the prints of the pictures we ordered from our trip. It’s so wonderful to look at all the pictures or our memories! My husband told me just last night, that I need to take all the pictures down and we cannot go on vacation for that long again. He said, “It’s hard to get back into the swing of things work, household duties, etc. when all I can think about is Disney” J Looks like someone has caught the Disney bug!!     
     If you and your family are getting ready to go to Disney, you’re planning your trip or your just thinking about going to Disney World. Always remember these are memories that your children or anyone in your family will never forget and will always be so special! My favorite part of our trip is seeing my children’s faces and their excitement, nothing is more rewarding.

Have a wonderful trip & share your tips as well!!! :)