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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Historic Summit Inn, Farmington, PA

 I have to tell you all about this beautiful historic hotel. The Historic Summit Inn is located on Chestnut Ridge and opened to the public in 1907. There is so much history to this hotel. If you do nothing else you must go to the Summit Inn site and read all the history this hotel holds. I've never been a big history buff, and honestly I remember sleeping through history in high school and thinking back on it I'm not even sure how I passed that class. Any way, after reading the history on this hotel it is such a privilege to have been here and actually get to see such a historic site. History isn't as important as it once was and the older I get the more I appreciate it and think it is such a shame that many, such as I (once did) have no appreciation or much knowledge of history. Take a look at this photo taken in 1907 when it was first opened to the public. 

*Photo Courtesy of The Historic Summit Inn

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

{Crafty Tuesday} Summer Boredom Busters

Summer is just getting started for some of you but for others like me, it's coming to an end as it gets to hot to even breath outside in South AL unless your at the beach/river/lake so needless to say we are no long just hanging out outside, or front porch sitting. If we're going outside, we're going for a reason. These Boredom Busters are some pretty good reasons to get out and enjoy the rest of summer before it is time for Back to School, These activities are sure to keep your kids of all ages busy because there is something for everyone!

*Photo Courtesy of Kids Play Box

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

{Crawley Wedding 2015} The Reception

I don't think there are any words for how much fun was had at the reception to the Crawley Wedding! In some cases maybe a little too much fun, but the important part was all had a great time at the wedding reception. It was so much fun to dance the night away with bride and groom and before midnight {way before midnight, with time to spare} Cinderella & her Prince Charming we're sent off with sparklers on their way to their castle {Disney World} for their honeymoon. I don't think the night could have been more magical! Here are several pictures of the night, and also a very special moment at the end.

{Crawley Wedding 2015} The Wedding

Before their can be a wedding there has to be prep of course! We did Wedding prep on Friday the day before the wedding but I wanted to share the pictures here with the wedding day. Wedding Prep We had to decorate the ballroom for the reception and I would like to think that with everyone that was involved and helped it got done quickly and turned out amazing! Here are some of my favorite snapshots~

    The Wedding was absolutely breathtaking!

       My husband and I got married at 18 & 19 years old, I think our families were still unsure if we were going to make it.

{Crawley Wedding 2015} The Rehearsal & Maywood Grill, Chalkhill, PA

I'm so excited to share some wonderful memories with all of you. My cousin Anthony that is truly more like my brother got married in June. We grew up together, spending every other weekend, sometimes every weekend with each other at our grandparents or my aunts, many many spring/summer vacations with my aunt and him to Ohio to see my other aunts and family and lots of other time and memories we're made in between. I was honored when asked to be apart of his wedding. It truly was an honor. Our family isn't like it use to be, it is broken, but the bits and pieces of us that stick together and do the right thing just because it's the right thing to do are still good & we will always be together. So these memories are important to me and I want to share them with you and have them here to always look back on.
      I was in the wedding as one of Lexy's bridesmaids so there isn't many rehearsal photos, but there are some from the rehearsal dinner and all the fun that my daughter and a certain someone were having! I have to admit one thing first, I knew I was going to blog about our trip, things we did, etc. sooo why did the blogger that has been blogging for 3 years not take pictures of the beautiful restaurant? or the food? or anything except all of us. I blame it on being in the moment and making sure that Anthony & Lexy had pictures of these moments and enjoying my time there as well. {Sometimes you just have to live in the moment} So with that being said, I still want to share this beautiful restaurant with y'all.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

{Southern Snapshots} June 2015

All Photos © Raised Southern 2015

Welcome to Southern Snapshots- this is where I like to share some of my more (to me) beautiful shots of landscape or just beautiful things - there are no photos of the family, just photos I've taken that are beautiful! 

Have a look for yourself, enjoy! 

These photos were taken in different places in Pennsylvania

-Hopwood, PA
-Farmington, PA
- & flying between here and there!

-Lillian, AL 

 -Intercoastal Waterway, Perdido Key, FL

                       -Lillian, AL 
                     -Hello Mr. Snail
              - Perdido Bay, Lillian, AL

Hope y'all have enjoyed our Southern Snapshots for June, I had the opportunity to take some extra beautiful pictures in Pennsylvania too! Have a great month!