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Monday, November 25, 2013

Thankful - Day 25- What are you thankful for?

Today I am thankful I know how to cook! Yes, cook. My family are very traditional. My grandmother cooked every meal, cleaned every room in the house, did every piece of laundry, etc. & my grandfather worked and took care of the majority of  the yard work. I always swore that I would NOT cook for a man, clean for a man, etc. I always said a man has two arms and two legs just the same as me he will do everything of his own too. Yeh, RIGHT! I am a wife and mother, I cook every meal, clean every room, do everything just as any other mother or wife. My husband is very helpful and will do whatever I ask him to, usually its to fold Laundry, but he is helpful so I am appreciative of that. However, I never learned to cook when I was younger, except when I would help bake cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and macaroni and cheese.
     Now that I am an adult and have been cooking for my family for 10 years now, I have to say I have become a pretty good cook. I will be cooking Thanksgiving Dinner for my whole family, which I am a little nervous about but I am confident in my cooking skills that it will all turn out great.
The reason I am so thankful for my cooking skills is not just that I am able to make a big Thanksgiving feast but that I am able to make dinner for my family every night and cook special treats for the kids and the kids classes. Food always makes people happy!
Just a random thing I am thankful for. I also want to say that these 30 days of thankfulness that are posted by many are not to just be thankful 30 days a year but to just announce and state what we are thankful for, all the little things, the different things that makes our lives fulfilling. Everyone should always be thankful ever day of the year, but during the month of November when were celebrating Thanksgiving this is something fun to do and everyone should be respectful of it and now say we are "rubbing it in your face" or "we aren't thankful all year", its just for the season and fun. Have a great rest of the week everyone! 

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