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Saturday, November 16, 2013

#bloglikecrazy- Who, What, Where- Family, Holidays, @ Home

#bloglikecrazy with See Jane Write Magazine
     Family, Holidays, Here at Home! I'M EXCITED!!! I absolutely love the holidays, and how cozy everywhere feels. The holidays always brings the family closer or at least it seems that way. We are already a very close family but there is a lot of fun stuff going on things to do. I love everything about the holiday season. Over the past few years Thanksgiving has started being overlooked because all of the stores started opening on Thanksgiving. Now Thanksgiving is all about eating and then shopping.  I completely understand that its important for us with families to save money and shop the Black Friday sales and make our money stretch, cause I am one of those moms waiting on line to get in somewhere to save money. However, Thanksgiving should be celebrated everyday, not just one day your whole family gets together for a dinner. Now maybe you live out of town but make more time to come home for your family and have family dinners!
      Growing up it was a weekly thing of dinners at my uncles and/or a Fish Fry if things got busy. I miss that time. Now that I am an adult I see the "politics" of family and understand how things have changed but I still really want that for my family and kids! I think that is going to be another goal of 2014- More Family Dinners! I've already started planning all the holiday activities, baking, crafts, and elf mischief for the holiday season. Are you ready for the Holiday Season?

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