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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Thankful- What are you Thankful for? - Day 2

      Day 2 of Thankfulness- Today I am thankful for my children! My children are the reason I get up every morning (litereally - they have to be fed) but in all seriousness they are the light of my life and give my life a meaning, a purpose. Even though  I had my children young, I have always put them first and tried to make the best decision for them, not just myself. Everything that my  husband and I do, every decision we make, we always put the children first in thought to make sure they are getting everything they need, want, and deserve in life, because they didn't ask to be here. That is my duty as a parent. I hope that when they grow up they know they have two parents that worship them, that would do anything for them, and just want them to live their lives the right way, always do what makes them happy, and strive for the best.
     I don't know what my life would be like if I made the decision to not be a mom and take responsibility for my actions when I was 17. I don't regret anything! My son and daughter make everyday, even the hard days as a parent all worth while when they smile, say I love you, learn something new that we have taught them or learned at school, play, etc. Children are the most precious gift that you can be given and mine make my life a dream come true.

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