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Thursday, April 30, 2015

{Kids Garden} UPDATE & Raised Flower Beds


     Our garden had been growing beautifully and then April Showers drowned everything and only a few our flowers {the primrose and sunflowers} and our peppers survived. It really is sad. However I did get pictures before everything drowned so we're good there. We also learned that we needed to do to garden spot to keep this from happening again because here in the south there are afternoon Summer showers most days! The worst part about all of this is we had just planted them in the ground. The kids are excited though to start a new one so I'm very glad it didn't get them down.  Everything is growing wonderfully now so far so were hoping to see some beautiful flowers with May coming and peppers soon.

    Until then we are looking into some raised flower beds and of course I headed right on over to Pinterest to find exactly what would be best for us and our yard and here are some of our finalists. Which one do you like and why? I need some help deciding so I can just go to my husband and say here this is the one.. and then we don't have to debate it again for another week. We're so indecisive.

    Here are the ones we like and why.

*Photo Courtesy of Truly Savvy 
I love the look of this one the watering troughs would look great in our yard and give it a great look. I think this is my top favorite, especially for the area I would like to put it in. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spice up your Fiesta and your Taco Tuesday

     Cinco De Mayo is coming up May 5, are you going to be celebrating? Let Old El Paso, Avocados from Mexico, and Publix help you Spice up your Fiesta. If you are throwing your own Cinco De Mayo party or attending one I'm sure you are going to be making something delicious and I have exactly what you need to help your party be a great one. 
    Now Guacamole is not my thing, I have tried it a few different ways and it just isn't for me but I know many people that are Avocado lovers and could eat it daily so if you are or know someone like that make sure to take advantage of these Avocados from Mexico at your local Publix, find a store near you and grab these coupons before you head out to grab your party supplies. Even if Guac is not for you, the beautiful green will give your Fiesta the perfect final touch. 

    For my family of picky eaters, burritos are the way to go, and as I said they are picky eaters so Old El Paso is the way to go to spice up our Cinco De Mayo celebration and our Taco Tuesday's. Taco Tuesdee {how we pronounce it} is a loved supper night around here! We try to mix it up and have different types of Taco recipes and try new things. This past week has been such a busy week as we prepare for the end of school, we had family in town for a week, dance recital practices, and I could go on and on. During certain days of the week I need some quick meals that I go to on days where I don't have time to even cook the meals I planned and prepped. Old El Paso is perfect for those nights and for a quick celebration of Cinco De Mayo. 
    With Cinco De Mayo being during the week it's hard for us as a family to go out and celebrate or to get friends together for a get together due to all our after school activities so we have a night together. Tonight we gave our Cinco De Mayo Burrito dinner a try just to make sure it's what we wanted to do next week.  It was a hit. This is a very simple traditional taco supper but with a family of picky eaters it's hard to have anything that's not traditional. 

         Old El Paso was there to spice it up for us with this great Soft and Hard Taco dinner kit with everything in one, these Stand n' Stuff Tortillas {now known as "burrito boats"}, and Mild Taco Sauce.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Where is the Beef? It's FREE- Quick & Easy Family Supper with HamburgerHelper

     I have been eating Hamburger Helper since I was a kid, I'm sure you have too! This was always, and still is our go to meal on hectic nights. You know the nights, that you have baseball practice till 5:00 p.m., Dance till 5:30 p.m., drive home another 25-30 minutes. {because we live rural}, homework, supper {don't forget to include the time it takes to make a full meal, and not feed the kids cereal}, bathes, story time/reading for 30 minutes, brush teeth, and off to bed. If I did all of that, plus cooked an entire meal I must say we wouldn't be eating till 8 o'clock & finally getting to bed, if we're lucky by 10. That just does not work for my families hectic schedule.

     When we're having one of those days I turn to my favorite one skillet meal, Hamburger Helper. I can always count on it to be a perfect filling meal for the whole family. Even if you have picky eaters you are sure to find a kind every one will love with all the varieties offered, you can even add a few extras to make the meal your own. Let me tell you how I add a few extras to our family favorite Cheeseburger Macaroni, but first, let me tell you how Hamburger Helper is going to give you FREE BEEF.
About the Free Ground Beef Rebate:
1. Visit your local grocer, and purchase three Hamburger Helper products and Ground Beef.
2. Visit the campaign landing page.  You will see the digital rebate: “Free Ground Beef, when you buy 3 boxes of Helper.” Please note that you may also buy Chicken Helper or Tuna Helper.
3. Click on the rebate.
4. Print and mail in the rebate form.

 photo 315_05d9b40b80c86cc167183c4f5661b150_zpsnl2tbozb.jpg
^click photo above for rebate, or read more for a quick & easy family supper and all the other great things this brand is  doing!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

{Monthly Memories} February & March

     I can't believe that it is already APRIL! Where is this year going and why does every year seem to fly by faster and faster? This  is one of my favorite series in my blogs because I get to share all the photos of my family and things we are doing, selfies, memories, and so much more. When I started to do March's Monthly Memories, I thought, wait when is the last time I did the Monthly Memories? It was January,but still I was worried. I must have got so busy with the crafts for Spring and enjoying the warmth outside that I forgot to do them. So this is *Picture Heavy* but it's great great memories!

These are all from February and March 2015

My husband built this contraption for the kids. It's there own "movie theater" instead of having to hold their ipods while they watch shows, they can lay down, place the ipod on top and watch your movie in complete darkness and not having to hold the ipod constantly.

One of my Gorgeous Nieces! i love getting pictures of them and all their attitude, looking cute!

King Cake - all I can say is yummmm....

{Kids Garden} How does your Garden Grow?

With Spring here we have started our garden, well the kids started "their garden", which we the parents of course tend to and water daily{most of the time]. I have planted flowers every spring and the kids have never really gotten into it. They liked digging in the dirt and putting the seed in but after that they didn't care at all. This year they are of course older but you can see the maturity in them coming out as they are interested in more mature things.

My husband I went to the store and while we were out because we live rural and the store is {25-30 mins} away we went ahead and picked up what we needed and thought would be good for the kids to grow and food they would at least {hopefully, fingers crossed, & praying} try if they grew it themselves. We chose Flowers: Sweet Peas, Sunflowers, Canterberry Bells, PrimRose, Carrots, Lettuce, Sweet Peppers, & Watermelons. We planted all but 1/2 the carrots and the Lettuce, we ran out of planter {we have more now} which we are going to start this weekend when we get soil{oops..forgot to grab more, I know how do you grab planters and forget the soil?} Anywho.. We came home and did some planting with the kids.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Easter Basket Ideas {not all candy related}

     Sometimes the traditional treat and toy filled Easter Basket gets old and you start wanting some ideas of what you can do different well I have plenty of ideas to help you out and I must admit these are some awesome Easter basket ideas. You may even want your kid to have two or three Easter Baskets after seeing some of these.

I always thought we did pretty great Easter baskets, not according to these:

My Personal Favorite:

Let's Dye {and not Dye} Some Easter Eggs

     I think I'm as bad as the kids about the excitement I can't contain when I think about all the fun we have decorating Easter eggs. We have always done them as a family and usually the kids get to do them several times between us and at their yaya's. For the past 3 or 4 years we have been looking at different ways to do them and buying different little gadgets and fun tools to help decorate them. Well this year I decided to do something different and seeing as how we have PLENTY of temporary tattoos this will be the one's we do this year- {Probably tonight to be exact}. While finding the idea we were going to go with I of course found on Pinterest {You can never find just one idea on Pinterest}and wanted to share the others with all of you and save them in a special place so I can come back to them next year! What is your favorite way to dye Easter eggs? Do you do it just the traditional way or do you get all the crafts stuff out & takes a whole day to clean up? Here's Mine!

Easter Desserts & Treats Round-Up

      10 Easter Desserts to keep your guests happy or just to keep you and the family full on Easter! I can always find some new thing to bake or design. I have always loved to baked cupcakes, but just in the last two months I learned how to actually ice cupcakes! I'm serious, ice them like I bought them and you would be so surprised at how easy it really is. {Learn by watching videos on YouTube}. Maybe you are looking for something new to try, something to get a little more creative with, or maybe just a treat the whole family will enjoy. Whatever it is that you are looking for for a Easter Dessert Treat you will be sure to find here in these 10. You may even find more then one.

     I usually put my top favorite first but I had so many so I decided to just go with the it in no particular order.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

10 Easy, Fun, & Adorable Easter Crafts

If you only visit us for the crafts & holiday ideas, I can't say I blame you, I find so many that I want to do that if I could just get paid to craft for any and all sites I absolutely would and NEVER complain {well most days anyway}. Easter is no different then any other holiday there are crafts, foods, desserts, drinks, and Easter baskets to think about. I wanted to get this out earlier then I did but things have been so busy and frankly I should stay up till 11-12 o'clock each night working to get it all complete but that is just not realistic most nights for me anymore. So if you find something you like but don't have time to complete please remember to save us, pin it, whatever you need to do to keep this post filed for later or go ahead and get crafty now. A little last minute crafting never hurt anyone. 

     As always I have to share my favorite of all the crafts I have rounding up and the one I most look forward to doing. {Possibly on Friday when the kids are out of school} Check out these Modge Podge Easter Eggs & Garland. How cute and fun {even though messy} would these be?