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Thursday, November 7, 2013

#bloglikecrazy- Blogging Bucket List

     I have been blogging for a few years now and over this past year I have really started making it apart of my daily life and building it to be so much more. I also have been selling bows as well and I wanted to take it further and make it into something more, build a brand. This past year has been amazing. I have joined Alabama Women Bloggers   and became apart of their team as correspondent for blogger of the month. It has been really rewarding joining this amazing group of women. With seeing the way my blog has grown I am setting higher goals in 2014 and want to take this so much further and become so much more. The #bloglikecrazy topic for today is  What is your blogging bucket list? This really has got me thinking about my goals for my blog and what I want to do.

My Blogging Bucket List

-build my knowledge on blogging
- have my blog featured more
-build my readers
-increase my income from blogging
-attend a blog conference
-speak at a blogging conference
-learn more about building my brand and making it more successful
- attend the Mom it forward conference
-set up a blogging conference with

That's what comes to mind first when I think about goals for my blog over the next year. I'm sure there is so much more, I'll add to it as I set more for myself.

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