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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spring is Coming! - Opportunity to have you, your post, and your blog featured on Raised Southern

Spring to some of you may not mean much, but to us on the gulf coast it means everything, and we're finally able to come out of hibernation. During February the weather starts changing and we have some really warm days and some cold ones (btw my definition of cold is anything below 70). Now that March is coming around (can you believe it's March already?) our highs are getting into the 70's and the flowers are blooming, the kids are wanting to go outside all day, and I am wanting to get outside, which only happens if it's warm.

I absolutely love everything about Spring! We have a lot of Azalea bushes in our yard, all the way around the front of our home and along our back fence. They began blooming right at the beginning of spring and continue usually through June, before it starts getting ridiculously hot as it does here in the South. Here are some what some of our flowers look like currently: We only have about 20-25 on each of the bushes. In spots they are growing more then others. 

My other flowers along our walk way are also growing beautifully. I believe these are Lilies, of some kind. I really need to look it up and see exactly what kind they are.. All I  know is that they grow in random places through my yard too, and every year I dig them up and plant them in a specific place. The following year they come back every Spring beautifully and then more are growing in random places. (Like I said, I should look it up and see what they are, if any of you know what kind of flowers these are please let me know) 

We are self proclaimed beach bums. We live on Perdido Bay and during the Spring and Summer all of our time is spent on the water, unless its a rainy day. We absolutely love the beach and it's what we enjoy as a family so that makes it even better. With the weather warming up we have been spending some time down there, just taking walks but the kids can't resist the water and they say its not cold (Water Temp of 59-60 degrees, that's cold!) but they have been enjoying and walking through the water. 

We are also going to  be focusing on doing some house renovations this Spring/Summer and getting things more organized, like the hubby's workshop- and get all his tools out of my laundry room, update the laundry room, the workout area ( just a coat of paint) and the play room. All of course on a budget because it really is just little things throughout the rest of the house. The main thing is getting Mr. Scott's workshop completed! The kids are also excited about all the crafts and fun we have planned for this Summer - let me rephrase that, that they have planned for this Summer, I do need to get busy planning their birthdays (May) & thinking about some Summer activities. 

Are you looking forward to Spring and Summer? Do you have any special plans, getaways, or DIY/crafts planned? We would love to feature you, your post, and your blog if you do over the next 5 months, contact me at

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