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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Life Long Friendships

      Friendships are truly like a roller coaster. You go through your ups and downs, you go through your scary moments and moments your calm and comfortable, you go through changes in emotions and feelings.

I have always had the same group of friends. My best friends {= people who know me better then most} were only a select few. They say you have a friend for every part of your life, and I believe this true because that is how my 3 closest friends are. I have a friend that I have had since 5th grade. We went to middle school together and then eventually high school. I have a friend that I have had since 9th grade, those high school years, whew... and I have a friend that I met as my life was changing into adulthood and I was starting a I have known these ladies ranging from 17 - 10 years. Over these years at some point and time we have had fun, made amazing memories, laughed till we cried, danced, loved, went through heart breaks, then there were disagreements, falling outs, arguments, said things we shouldn't have, done things we shouldn't have.

There have been all these ups and downs.

However, through it all, we have remained friends. I knew that no matter the falling out had been about or what had been said, if i truly needed one of them I could have called on them, and that is what I think that best friends is truly about.

Each of us has had to find our own way through husbands, starting families, starting our families young, growing up, loss, divorce, etc. but it seems no matter what it always comes back to this. Us being friends.

Now I am not sure if it is like this for everyone, but if not you should get better friends. The most important thing though that I have learned through all these years of friendship is this:
Your not always going to agree on everything, or like everything that each other likes, or you even may disagree with decisions and choices that each other makes, but if you learn one thing and you learn it early in any of your relationships really, then your relationship should have a never ending road. You and your friend/bf/gf/spouse/etc. are going to disagree on things because that's what people do, you may even have an argument, but know your job as their friends/bf/gf/spouse/etc. is to be there for them, love them, help them in any way, try to understand them, and if you don't communicate your misunderstandings and your concerns. Don't argue or get mad and run from it, come to a compromise instead of having a disagreement and wasting valuable time of your life on something like that, or missing out on important events in each others lives because of something so petty! 

Here are some old pictures:

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