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Friday, March 21, 2014

March Madness Blogging Challenge - Day 20 - What's Happening?

Today's Topic is What's Happening?? {written Friday 3/21/2014}
     Well, what's happening with me is MY SISTER IS HERE! YAY!! I'm so happy she is in town I absolutely do not get to see here enough. She has been in town for the whole week with our family; her mom, her dad, brother, granddad, Nana, and her best friend. It is here Senior Spring Break so her best friend came to experience it and have a fun vacation.
     I've been out there to see them and spend time with them everyday this week. It was so nice to be out on the beach an enjoying the beautiful weather, doing a little shopping with her and having lunch everyday. Unfortunately she was sick yesterday with a stomach bug they have all been passing around and it was the one day I took the kids out of school and brought them and they weren't too happy they didn't get to spend any time with her. However we are planning a little road trip for graduation, so they will get to see her soon.

     It's been beautiful the whole week, when I was in OK in October, all my sister wanted for her birthday was her tattoo. The tattoo shops in KS, which is where we were visiting her dad, close at like 8:00p.m. really?? It must be a law because I called every tattoo shop in KS and they all closed at the same time. We decided to wait, until they came in town this week, which turned out to be a great idea (because our tattoo is PERFECT). We went to Gulf Coast Tattoos in Pensacola, FL and met with Chad, a local artist I know from a friend ( he does great work, I highly recommend him). He wasn't happy with the tattoo we had chose and decided to look up some other ideas and found something both my sister and I were happy with.

    Her friend Kenzie was also getting a tattoo and found something that she was happy about as well. Kenzie went first, and handled hers with just a little pain she said, on to my sister who nearly broke my hand. {Literally my had is bruised and sore from her holding it}She said it was very painful but she also wasn't feeling well. I went last, and mine hurt a little but wasn't bad at all and all of our tattoos turned out beautifully. You can pick out any tattoo but it's the tattoo artist you pick to do it that matters.

Here are pictures from our week:

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