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Friday, March 21, 2014

March Madness Blogging Challenge - Day 21- Write about your Dream Room.

     Write about my dream room... hmmm Right now I guess it would be my dream Laundry room or play room (always thinking about the kids). I absolutely love my kitchen,  the only thing that needs to be done in there is a new coat of paint, I'm currently working on renovating my office.   So, I guess my "dream room" is going to be a Laundry room or our Playroom. I have many ideas for both!

     I'm thinking having a beautiful Laundry room will make me want to go in it more and maybe the laundry will all get sorted, washed, folded, & put away in one day... maybe that is wishful thinking, but one can dream right! Currently I have a pretty nice Laundry room. It's long, instead of wide and leads into another hallway to go to the playroom.

Of course I also have to buy a new washer & dryer ~ That is where most of my money would go too.

As for the playroom, when I started making changes to my office everything went in there, not to mention all the stuff that was already in there... It really needs a good cleaning and organizing {adding to my spring cleaning list}! When we renovate it fully down here and give my son a bigger room at this end of the house, I want to do some of these things:

I absolutely love this room, all the storage, seating area, desks, etc. This room is perfect, minus the colors. We also have a theater screen in our playroom so that would go on a wall, but this room has it all. 

This is a beautiful reading nook that I want to add to our playroom when we renovate it. The kids will be growing out of toys so we will need to add quiet areas for them to read and lounge. I don't know though they may not even be able to get there because I am hogging it. LOL I could also see my sister in law coming over and "escaping" here. We may not ever be able to get her to leave if we build this.


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