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Sunday, March 23, 2014

March Madness Blogging Challenge - Day 23- Local Eats & Treats

I've already talked about some of my favorite restaurants in town, Now I wanna talk about some of my favorite places for treats.

Read about our favorite local eats here:

     I have some pretty awesome Treat Places around town! Now some are treats just for Mommies and Daddies but there are some for the kids as well. Lets start with the kids first!

     -Of course if your in town the weather has warmed up, no one except Snowbirds { Snowbird- a person or people from up North, where it snows all the time, come to the south and live all Winter until it starts warming up down here. Then they all fly North for the Summer} enjoy the beach during the winter months. Stop by Scoops and grab some Ice Cream

     This is my favorite Ice Cream shop in town. My step mom use to bring me here all the time to get ice cream, at that time it was hand dipped Ben & Jerrys ice cream and I totally blame her for my Ben & Jerry's ice cream addiction. They no longer have Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream but it is still delicious!

     - Another great place to grab a treat is at any one of the local souvenir shops! They make honey roasted nuts, cinnamon nuts, and of course a Southern favorite Fudge. There are plenty of souvenir shops around but I recommend you go to the Huge Shark or the Giant Purple Octopus { Come to town, you will know what I am talking about}


 - Wanna be the greatest parent in the world? Take the kids to Incredible Candies Here you will find all your favorite candies from gummy bears, gummy candies, jawbreakers, and much much more. Also you will find some of the yummiest fudge and/or truffles!   You will find all your favorite candies and much much more! I think even you, as a parent will be happy you went here!

- I've talked several times about Bushwackers - If you have never had one, you need one in  your life. Let me make this absolutely clear; Everyone makes Bushwackers different, however NO ONE makes a bushwacker like the best in town at the Flora-Bama . This is a great place to visit and enjoy a night with your husband/wife! Also a great beach bar, if your planning on spending the day at the beach with the family, the kids are welcome till dark. Plus Mommy & Daddy need a milkshake!

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