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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March Madness Blogging Challenge - Day 3 - Renew, Rebirth,Rejuvenation, Restoration, Revive, Resurrection

This particular topic couldn't have come at a better time, and the funny thing about it is that I am just now getting myself caught up and dedicating myself back to accomplishing my goals and to do list and getting things done!! I find it funny because most of today has spent thinking about most of the things on this topic, pertaining to my blog and life. Each of the words means a different thing in my life.

  • Renew- I have decided today that I wanted to renew my blogs and get them back and track and going. The month of February {the month I lost my father suddenly and tragically} always throws me for a loop. I know that it's coming and I always tell myself I will not let it effect me and It always seems to effect me, I just can't focus. So I decided, especial since I did not hit my goals like I wanted to for February that I am going to get myself going and renew my my businesses and blogs and get them up and running steadily.
  • Rebirth- I always feel like I am born again by March. Each of us go through trials and tribulations that may effect us and bring us down all through out our lives, but after the situation is over we all feel like we have learned from the experience, we have grown from the experience, and we are stronger from the experience. { After making it through February I always feel Born again, and my mind seems clearer. I can see clearer what I want out of life, and maybe it's just because I can't focus during February but it makes me inspired to achieve more and be better and it makes me strive for all the success. I always feel so much stronger because each year gets a little tinny tiny bit easier but I am always stronger after making it another year of not understanding and all the hurt and grief that comes with it}
  • Rejuvenation- Give me a large bath tub, hot water, and some time to myself to relax or read, and I will come out feeling rejuvenated. I think it's important for everyone to take a little time  for them selves to relax and do something that makes them feel rejuvenated. At least once a day, even if its just curling up in the evenings before bed with your favorite book. Dealing with the day to day stresses gets to all of us and can make all of a little, well lets just say, crazy. Taking time to ourselves this to Rejuvenate and make us feel calm and relaxed will definitely make you perform better in your day to day activities. {I need to take my own advice!}
  • Restoration - I have been working at renewing and updating my blog originally Raised Southern was my business and blog, where I offered handmade bows and other products. I decided at the end of 2013 to separate the two and have my blog and have my boutique. It has been a chore getting the blog separate and the site up and running and I haven't been able to get the boutique fully up and running to help with the bills, that is all going to change this month. One of my March goals is to get Raised Southern Boutique fully restored!
  • Revive- I feel like 2014 is going to be my year! I already feel so revived in my blogging career. When I begin blogging it was something I did for fun, and when I had time to write, it then became something I looked forward to and be gaming working harder to make a little time for it. I dropped it for a little while in order to only work and focus of the family.
  • Resurrection- I feel like my this year my faith has been resurrected in the lord over the past year. I had a tragic loss in my life that took me and god down a long road. I now have dealt with that loss, the best I can, and the lord has been resurrected and back in my life. Since I started making peace with the lord, my life has been on a steady path of blessings and opportunities. I plan to continue working hard for my family and us building the life we always wanted by staying on the right path! 

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