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Saturday, March 15, 2014

March Madness Blogging Challenge - Day 14- Dinner Party, Who would you invite?

     Dinner Party, I absolutely LOVE Dinner Parties and I love planning and hosting parties. Maybe its something about my southern nature that loves planning and throwing a good party. Whether it is a birthday party or a dinner party it does take planning! A good party takes planning, attention to small details, food, and entertainment. Now because I am able to invite ANYONE to this Dinner Party  I am struggling with inviting people that I admire and look up to and would love to meet and learn stuff from with inviting people I know would be a real good time and I could have fun and cut loose with. I think my decision is slightly persuaded now because I'm writing this a day later then I should be.

Yesterday my husband bought tickets to go to the Jason Aldean and Florida Georgia Line Concert here at The Wharf in Orange Beach, AL for date night, so because of that I would have to say I would invite Jason Aldean and FL Georgia Line and their families of course {causes that's the southern way, everyone's invited} and my husband and I would cook an amazing meal and enjoy a great evening. Now I'm sure because we all enjoy a good drink, we would have one and then hopefully they would break their guitars out. That would be an awesome evening and dinner party.

Now that I am thinking about it I could make it an amazing dinner party with good BBQ!

Enjoy some of our photos and videos from the concert and if you get a chance absolutely go see Jason Aldean's Night Train Tour.

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