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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March Madness Blogging Challenge - Day 18 - Recipes, Restaurant, Favorite Cuisine

Recipes, Restaurant, Favorite Cuisine - I could talk about food all day. A women's true wish for life is to be able to eat what ever she wants and not gain a pound.

Here is my favorite Recipe that is featured on my blog:
I could absolutely make these daily and eat every single one of them by myself. Usually when I make them though I eat every single one cause no one in my family likes banana - unless its just a plan ole banana. 

This is probably our absolute favorite! You can make this meal as simple as you want or add a lot to it and make it more. On a night that were doing this quick, It is just simple potatoes, sausage, and 1/2 and onion chopped. You can also add some chicken, ham, etc.  Check out the recipe here:

My husband absolutely LOVES Peach Cobbler, for his birthday I decided to make this for him instead of cake. Now this is something I have to make every time there is a holiday or get together. Get the Recipe here:


We don't eat out much, it's not something that we have the luxury of doing. The nearest fast food restaurant is about 15 minutes away, into Pensacola, FL - we live in AL... and if I went to the nearest one in AL it's about 30 minutes away. As far as sit down restaurants there is a Mexican restaurant about 7 min. up the road, however I personally prefer to homemade Mexican food to restaurant, so we don't eat there much. Any Other restaurant is about 25- 30 min. away. 
My favorite restaurants are in Gulf Shores, AL : They are listed here; take a look around my town: 

I must say that my favorite cuisine, besides Southern Home style Cooking of course,  is Italian. I absolutely love pretty much anything and everything that is Italian; pasta, bread, wine, pizza, etc. Oh just talking about it is making me hungry! Maybe I was Italian in my previous life. 


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