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Thursday, March 6, 2014

March Madness Blogging Challenge - Day 6- What's Happening?- Spring Cleaning - FEATURE YOUR BLOG HERE OPPORTUNITY

Oh yeh, it's that time - Spring Cleaning ... Over the past couple of months we have been thinking about what needed to be done around the house and what we wanted to accomplish this Spring/Summer. I want to get a lot of things done, and not so much cleaning (even though the yearly deep cleaning does have to be done).  So that's what's happening!

 Even though, I am still adding to the list of things that need to be done cleaned out, or reorganized, and thinking about the kids rooms needing  to be completely cleaned out and organized is making me rethink this whole Spring Cleaning thing, I'm ready to get it done! I've of course been looking at Pinterest for different ideas of organizing and redoing my laundry room and our play room. There are so many awesome ideas that I would love to do in my home, if I did all of them I would need like 15 bedrooms, 12 kitchens, 7 laundry rooms, let's not even began to talk about living rooms or bathrooms. 

Here I am going to include some Spring Break Cleaning ideas and also some of my favorite Organizing ideas. 

Spring Cleaning list originally featured on

Ideas from Pinterest:

{Above} Absolutely love this space, minus the color of the cabinets and the floor  This would be perfect in my Laundry room. 

{Below} I absolutely love this color. This is the color I plan on painting my laundry room. 

Playroom Ideas:
I absolutely love this play room! It is gorgeous! 

 This storage space and long shelf would be our playroom!

If I would have had just girls, this would be the perfect playroom for us. I love all the colors!

We are looking to spotlight you, your blog, and a post referring to Spring Cleaning and/or Organizing that can help with Spring Cleaning, Organizing, minimizing the time it takes to do the job, tips/tricks, etc. Please email us at we will be taking posts for the next 3 months, until May 31, 2014

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