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Monday, March 31, 2014

March Madness Blogging Challenge - Day 31- Recap the Challenge, What did you Learn?

Recap of March!! - What a great month it has been, I enjoy having specific topics to write about even though one day did consist of writing 7 days worth of blogs all in one, but we made it through.

During March I set goals to try and stay on top of my posts and even though there has been a little falling behind { because hey it happens, life happens, life stresses happen, etc.} I think that I have finally gotten into a rhythm and now just have to work on being more focused over the weekend! All I want to do during the weekend is hang out with my family and get the house back in order.

-- I think what I learned most from this challenge is that I can have a schedule and set topics and blog that I can stick to and focus and get it done, and even though there are some days where we all fall behind, just start the next day and continue. You will succeed.

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