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Monday, March 17, 2014

March Madness Blogging- Day 17 - Growth, Opportunity, and what does it mean to you?

Growth & Opportunity are important in all aspects of every one's life. With all obstacles that we face we all grow, with every dream or goal we set and work towards; we grow. With growing and following the right path, opportunity will come. It's always important that no matter what the situation or problem you are facing you always do the right thing and you always learn any lesson that are being taught from the situation.

From the time we are conceived we are growing. First we grow into a person, then we grow into our personalities, and grow to become our selves, on to growing up to being a adult and growing from life decisions and experiences that we face and choices we make. Growth to me is important; I have grown from a child to a women, a women to a wife, to a mother; and continue to grow and strive everyday to be a better person.

You not only grow from life experiences and choices you have made, you can also grow  from stories your read or hear, music you hear, or other peoples life experiences that you help them with and through, and from learning and going to school. Never stop or refuse to learn. Whether you are learning a new skill, hobby; learning to deal with a tragedy or going through hardships, etc. Always make sure you are growing positively which is what is most important

Opportunities are going to come, but don't think you do not need to make your own opportunities. In order for opportunities to come and for your career to grow, you need to make your own opportunities. Work hard, strive for your dreams, goals, and what you want for your life.

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