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Saturday, March 29, 2014

March Madness Blogging Challenge - Day 29 - By the end of this year.

By the end of this year- I want to be a billionaire! DON'T WE ALL!

When I set goals, I almost feel like I am making huge life decisions. It's almost like I set my goals in stone and try so hard to achieve them, almost like New Year's Resolutions. {oh yeh, what were those again, lol just kidding} I like to set attainable goals and make sure I make a plan to achieve those goals. 

So, by the end of this year one thing I really really want is, I want to be making healthy decisions and eating healthy all the time. I go through different moments of healthy healthy healthy and then junk days, sweet tooth days, etc. I want to be healthy all the time and when the occasions arise for sweets, i can have them, even it is a day full of them. I always feel better when I am focused on myself and being healthy so I want to make sure that I do more of this this year and it because a habit. 

I also want to read more.. I always say this, but I never seem to make the time to just sit and read. However the Sunny season is coming and I always get a lot of reading done during the Summer. I have a nook FULL of books {thanks to my awesome sister in laws log in info :) } and a couple of books I have been meaning to read. I absolutely want to do this more by the end of the year. 

- I want to have our new entry way completed, we are planning just a simple change and putting in a sidewalk from the gate to the side door for everyone to use because its tile in there, and the main entry is in through the carpeted living room.  I want to do this before the kids get out of school for Summer, hopefully before then. My husband is suppose to have a few days off hopefully and we will be able to get that done. 
{I could go on and on about house to do's } 

- I want to have my school completed also before the kids get out of school too. 

- Have all 3 businesses up and running smoothly and increasing income. 

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