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Thursday, March 27, 2014

March Madness Blogging Challenge - Day 27- What's Happening?

Today was a eventful day. It was just a normal day and I had planned Lunch with my best friend. We went to one of my favorite restaurants in town. It is a tourist hot spot but it is ahhh-mazing! I usually eat specific things at restaurants, and it's always the same thing, however today I did order something different and it was enough for me to eat for Lunch and have leftovers for Dinner.

If you are ever passing through Foley, AL on your way to the beaches of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores absolutely make this a stop for lunch! Lambert's opens at 10:30 a.m. BE THERE AT THAT TIME, don't wait because you will be waiting outside! Yes this place is that good! Not only does this place have great food it also is such a fun atmosphere, you are sure to feel welcome and like your at home, especially with rolls being thrown at you { Yes, rolls are literally thrown at you} Watch your head!

Here is the enormous plate of food you will recieve. Plus, at Lambert's their are "pass arounds" Fried Okra, Macaroni & Tomatoes, Potatoes & Onions, Blackeyed Peas, and much more - these are all included in whatever you order! You are sure to fill your stomachs for the day here and have plenty to take home.

Right when our food came, my husband called saying he was at home and brought lunch home for us  *facepalm He apparently didn't hear me or misunderstood what I was saying when I told him yesterday I was going off today. So I finished lunch with my friend and headed home to meet him...

- Sick Little Miss- Right after my husband left to go back to work for another shift ... he exhausts me- I got a call from little misses school that she was sick and not feeling well with a tummy ache. :( After I got up there to pick her up we hear about a stomach virus that has been going around school and lasting about 24 hrs. {Great, is all i could think- now were all going to be sick *knock on wood that doesn't happen}

So - that is what's happening today -

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