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Monday, November 24, 2014

The RIGHT Way to Decorate the Christmas Tree


     Yes, you read that right, there is a RIGHT way to decorate a Christmas Tree, well maybe not decorate it fully because well we all have our own styles of Christmas tree decorations. However, there is a right way to string Christmas tree lights so they are easy to remove. I have to admit last year our pre-lit tree quit being pre-lit and need lights to be strung on it, well I did just that. I wrapped 4, okay maybe it was 5,extra sets of lights onto our tree and you know what I did when I put the tree up last year? I just detached it and left them all on there, not thinking of the mess it would be next year.

Well, let me tell you about that mess and then I'll show the RIGHT way to do it.

As my husband began helping put the tree up we realized what a mess I had made but hey we made the best out of it and just started untangling lights like you had to do back in the ole' days. Just Kidding, but once we got the lights undone and we started to put them on I said, wait let me show the smartest thing I have ever seen on Pinterest. As I went on to explain, it was one of those DUH, why didn't I think of that moments because its such a smart way to put the lights on and remove them.

Leave it to Pinterest to make you feel like you've been doing everything wrong your entire life. :)

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Elle. said...

I never knew there was a right way. Now I feel like I've been so foolish my whole life lol. Great tip!

Raised Southern said...

LOL, well there really isn't a right way or a wrong way but when I saw this on Pinterest I felt the same way... fighting with putting the lights on and pulling them off every year, and there is this easy way. It was easy putting the lights on, we will have to see if it is easy to take them off too.
Merry Christmas