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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

{Thakful} Day 4 - My Children

     I have been blessed with 2 intelligent, kind, independent, creative, children. My children in my dreams were not even as close to as amazing my two are.


 My son was born when I was 17, and changed my life. He showed me what I needed to do to become a better person and he changed our lives. He made us do what we were supposed to and become the people we were supposed to be. He made me a stronger person because my pregnancy wasn’t great but he was worth every bit of everything I went through. He completely changed my life and is still amazing me and making me a better person every day. My daughter she is a character. I had her at 20 and she was exactly what we wanted, a ball full of girly-ness and PINK!  She completed our family. They are both such joys to have and I’m blessed to not only have them as my children but for god to have chose me to be their mother.

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